ULI European Student Urban Design Competition 2008

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Teslim Tarihi: 27 Şubat 2008
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The second annual ULI European Student Urban Design Competition is a graduate-level competition that is intended to provide an interdisciplinary learning experience for real estate and design students in Europe. Self-formed student teams are asked to provide an urban design and a financial feasibility strategy for a large-scale real life site that ULI has identified somewhere in Europe. Through the formation of multidisciplinary teams, the program encourages cooperation and teamwork among future real estate professionals and the many allied professions, such as architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, historic preservation, engineering, real estate development, finance, psychology, law, and others.

This year’s site, to be announced on Monday, 4 February 2008, will be a large-scale urban regeneration site, chosen because it presents complex challenges, needing practicable, innovative solutions that reflect responsible land use. The solutions incorporate design, planning, market potential and feasibility, and development strategies. The submission to the competition will be presentation drawings, tables, schedules, and text.

The competition, which is an outgrowth of the ULI Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition in North America, is an ideas competition; there is no guarantee or expectation that any of the submitted schemes will be applied to any site. The winning team receives 35.000 Euro and the finalist teams receive 7.000 Euro each.

Student teams are invited to be formed at all European universities (including Turkey and Russia). Teams must consist of five members, with each student responsible for a “function” from the following disciplines: architect, landscape architect, urban planner or geographer, and financial expert. The team can determine which functions are assigned; however, at least one team member must serve as the financial expert and must be enrolled in a business or real estate degree program.

The entire competition will be conducted in English. 

2008 Competition Timeline
17 December 2007 Deadline for team formation and application
14 January 2008 Teams notified of acceptance
04 February 2008 Publication of design brief
04 - 15 February 2008 Queries possible
13 - 27 February 2008 Competition dates
27 February 2008 Submissions postmark
10 March 2008 Finalist teams announced
Late March Site visit by finalist team representative 
Week of 14 April 2008 Finalist team’s presentationYarışma Şartnamesi
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