South Street Seaport: Re-Envisioning The Urban Edge

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Yarışma SonuçlarıENYA Prize: Sangmok Kim and Sungwoo Kim (Edgewater, NJ)
Second Prize: Ian Gordon (NY, NY)
Third Prize: Carola Anton Garcia and Gabriel Walti (Seville, Spain)
Student Prize: Kyuseon Hong (NY, NY)

Honorable Mentions
- Thomas Tsang and Ken Suzuki (Brooklyn, NY)
- Daniel Zajsek (Hamburg, Germany)
- Pedro Alcaraz (Madrid, Spain)
- Han Hsi Ho (NY, NY)
- Diego Ceresuela Wiesmann, Monica Villalba de Madariaga, Ignacio Alvarez-Monteserin Lahoz, Manuel Alvarez-Monteserin Lahoz (Madrid, Spain)Yarışma BilgileriThis ideas competition has as its dual goals an anchoring of this neighborhood with its rich history and an envisioning of its future edge condition. Competition entrants are asked to consider ways to ground this rapidly changing community as well as to reforge connections, both material and metaphoric, with the contemporary Manhattan urban fabric.

The principal element of the program is a Community Center / Galleries for the Seamen’s Church Institute, to be constructed on a new pier over the water. In addition, Competitors are encouraged to make interventions in open spaces throughout the remainder of the site.

Space Requirements
Included square footages are intended only as a general framework.

Archive / Gallery (1.000 sf)
- Historic exhibition space to display the paintings, models, and artifacts of the SCI collection

Maritime Technology Exhibition Space (1.000 sf)
- Space for education of the public on the future of marine technology and science

Library (2.000 sf)
- Librarian offices
- Computer lab
- Stacks
- Activity room
- Map room

Educational Classrooms (5.000 sf)
- Auditorium, 300 people
- (3) 30-person public workshop rooms

Café (1.500 sf)
- Kitchen / prep area
- Bathrooms
- Food storage area
- Interior and exterior public seating

Sanctuary Space (5.000 sf)
- 3 flexible non-denominational open areas that can accommodate individual meditation and larger scale worship. Intended to act as a complement to the existing chapel, possibly involving open air sanctuaries

Public Meditation Garden (5.000 sf)

Day Care Center (2.500 sf)
- 5 children’s activity rooms
- 1 large recreation multipurpose room
- Snack preparation pantry

Counseling Center (3.000 sf)
- Consultation rooms for one on one session
- Counselors private offices
- Administrative staff area
- Group therapy rooms
- Office storage, file room

The first place entry will receive international recognition in the form of the ENYA Prize, a cash award of 6.000 Dollars. The winner will also receive an invitation to participate on the jury of the 4th biennial ENYA international ideas competition in 2010.

The second prize winner will receive 2.500 Dollars; the third prize winner will receive 1.000 Dollars.

A student prize of 1.000 Dollars will be awarded to a full time student, enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program as of 15 September 2005.

Additional awards may be given at the discretion of ENYA.

ENYA and the AIA New York Chapter will display the winners, honorable mentions and jury selections at the Center for Architecture in New York City. Further, all entries will be displayed via a virtual gallery on www.ENYACompetitions.org. The South Street Seaport: Re-envisioning the Urban Edge competition will culminate with the publication of selected entries in a catalog, distributed internationally by the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter. To see the winners of the last ENYA competition, order the 2006 ENYA Biennial International Ideas Competition Catalog, Southpoint: From Ruin to Rejuvination.

Scheduled Jury
- Nina Baniahmad
- Sara Caples-Jefferson
- Kate Kerrigan 
-  Eeva Liisa Pelkonen 
- Michael Sorkin 
- Calvin Tsao

Registration will be conducted by ACTEVA, a secure online registration agency. All major credit cards are accepted. Checks will also be processed through ACTEVA by mail. Once registered, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail with notification of how to access the web site to download autocad files and other site information. When registering for a team or group, you must add all team members'' names to the confirmation email attached to your submission. You will not register each member with ACTEVA. Refer to Registration: Submission Requirements for further information.

Registration Deadline: 04 January 2007

Student Entry (individual only) 40 Dollars 
Individual Entry 70 Dollars
Team (2 - 4) Entry (includes teams of students) 100 Dollars
Group (5+) Entry (includes teams of students) 300 Dollars

The competition is open to all design students and young professionals, including, but not limited to, architects, artists, engineers, landscape architects, urban designers and planners who have completed their education at the undergraduate or graduate level within the past 10 years of the competition announcement (September 15, 2007). The participants may be licensed individuals within their respective professions.

To register as a student and be eligible for the student prize, you must be enrolled at a school, college or university at the time of the competition announcement (September 15, 2007).

Offices or companies may register as long as every employee (full time or part time) meets the eligibility requirements. The number of participants on the team will dictate the level of fee required.

All members of a Team or Group must meet the eligibility requirements.
Money Orders

You may send a money order only if you do not have a valid credit card or check.

Money Orders may be made out to: AIA NY Chapter.

Send money orders only to:
South Street Seaport: Re-envisioning the Urban Edge
Center for Architecture
536 LaGuardia Place
New York, NY, 10012

Include a letter stating which entry you are purchasing, your name, address, phone number and email address. (We will not process your money order without this information) You will be sent confirmation e-mail with your registration number and notification of how to access the web site to download autocad files and other site information.

Submission Requirements
- Submit a single 30" x 40" (76,2 cm x 101,6 cm) presentation board, oriented horizontally. The board should be 1/4" thickness with no more than a 1/4" protrusion. Clearly label the back of the board in the upper right hand corner with the registration number received in the confirmation e-mail.

- Include a digital version of the entry burned on a compact disk clearly labeled with the registration number only. All digital files must be 15" x 20" (38,1 cm x 50,8 cm) in a .jpg format, 300dpi.

- Include an opaque envelope securely affixed to the back of the board containing a copy of the registration confirmation e-mail and the compact disk. Add all team members'' names to the confirmation email. If the number of team members exceeds the registration fee, the submission will be automatically disqualified. Label the outside of the envelope with the participant''s registration number only.

- Any information on the front of the presentation board identifying the participant in any way will automatically disqualify the submission. This includes, but is not limited to, registration number, name, logo, address, water mark, etc.

- Only one entry submission accepted per registration number.

- Only one board accepted per entry submission.

- If you are eligible for the student prize, please mark the back of the board with an "S", approx. 2" (5,08 cm) in height, in the left hand, bottom corner. Also mark the "S" on the envelope attached to the board. (For teams to be eligible for the student prize, all members of the team must fit the eligibility requirements).

Send Submissions to:
South Street Seaport: Re-envision the Urban Edge
Center for Architecture
536 LaGuardia Place
New York, NY, 10012

Submittals will be accepted at the Center for Architecture on or after 17 December 2007. Submittals received prior to 17 December 2007 will not be accepted and will automatically disqualify the submission.

Hand deliveries will be accepted at the Center for Architecture Monday through: 09:00 - 17:00 EST.

18 January 2008 Submission deadline

Submittals must be postmarked by 17:00 EST. Hand deliveries must be received at the Center for Architecture by 17:00 EST.

25 January 2008 All mailed entries must be received by this date.

Any submissions received after January 25th will not be accepted and will automatically disqualify the submission. ENYA or any parties involved in this competition are not responsible for postal delays.

Registrants must conform to the above submission requirements. Any discrepancies to said requirements will automatically disqualify the submission. All materials are non-returnable.

ENYA, the AIA New York Chapter, nor all other associations related to this competition are not responsible for lost submissions.

Winners and those chosen for publication may be asked to submit a brief written description of their entries. This will be required at the time the winning entries are contacted on 15 February 2008.
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