2008 NYC Student Lighting Competition

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 28 Mart 2008
Web Sitesi: www.iesny.org/
Yarışma Sonuçları

First Prize: Chung-Jung Liao (Parsons School of Design, Architectural Lighting)
Second Prize: Paul Stein (Pratt Institute, Architecture)
Third Prize: Minsoo Lee (New York University, Interactive Telecommunications)

Honorable Mention - Concept: Paul Chepolis (Parsons School of Design, Architectural Lighting)
Honorable Mention - Presentation: Bomun Chang (Fashion Institute of Technology, Master of Art)
Honorable Mention - Fabrication: Nick Foley (Pratt Institute)

Yarışma Bilgileri

For the past eight years, the New York Section of the illumination Engineer’s Society of North America has invited students from New York City Art and Design schools to participate. This year it is no different. With the theme of Evocative Luminance, we will empower students to explore light as an art form, demonstrate light as a stimulus, and prove light as a valuable medium. Our goal is to both energize today’s students and to inspire them to become future leaders in the lighting industry.

The objective of this year’s design challenge is to develop a three dimensional study of light, to show how light can be used to trigger an emotion or spark a memory.

Submission should comply with the following requirements:
- Entries can be made of any material.
- Each entry must include at least one electric light source (no open flame or flammable sources allowed). 
- The piece must be transportable in a cab.

1st prize

- Cash prize of 3.000 Dollars 
- Plus airfare and accommodation to attend the 2008 Professional Lighting Designers'' Association (PLDA) workshop (location to be announced).
- A one year subscription to Professional Lighting Design Magazine.

2nd Prize
- Cash prize of 1.500 Dollars 
- A one year subscription to Professional Lighting Design Magazine.

3rd Prize
- Cash prize of 1.000 Dollars 
- A one year subscription to Professional Lighting Design Magazine.

Online Application Deadline
28 March 2008
Submissions for Judging 16 April 2008
Exhibition Opening Reception and Keynote Address 17 April 2008, speaker to be announced.
Public Exhibition 18 - 20 April 2008, location to be announced.
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