Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition

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In 1987, Koizumi Sangyo Corp. announced its Lighting Culture Research project and launched the Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition for Students with the phrase “The Way of Light” as its long-term theme. The competition''s goal is “to improve the culture of lighting design and to develop young new talent.” Over the past 15 years more than 20.000 students representing 37 countries have participated in the program. In 1992, the theme “Lighting Ecology,” acknowledging both societal and environmental concerns, was added to the competition''s mandate. The proposed theme for the 21st competition is “In Search of the Way of Light, Maximum Light with Minimum Material.”

To improve the culture of lighting design and to develop young new talent.

Awards (Tax included)
Gold Award (1) Certificate of award and 1.000.000 Yen
Silver Award (2) Certificate of award and 300.000 Yen
Bronze Award (5) Certificate of award and 100.000 Yen
Honorable Mention (Limited Number) Certificate of award and prize
Web Best Design Award (1) Certificate and prize
Web Excellent Design Award (2) Certificate and prize

Entry Eligibility
Any student from institute of learning as of 01 September 2007

Eligibility Number of Entries
There is no limit to the number of entries. Each person may enter as many times as they wish. A work may be submitted by a group of students.

Preliminary Competition
The preliminary competition will be made on the basis of the photographs, drawings or sketches that have been submitted.

Final Competition
The final competition will be judged after evaluation of the actual entry. (Only those who qualify for the final competition will be notified.)

In regards to the creation of your work, after your work arrives we plan to supply each entrant with financial aid. (30.000 Yen)
lf you desire, our company can provide advice about the construction of the entry. (Details will be provided directly to those who pass the preliminary competition.)

Design Competition on the Web
Designs that have passed the first-round of jury will be put up on our web page, where we will have the Design. Competition on the Web with the votes from Teachers, Architects, Designers, Jurnalist and all others from around the world.

- Best Design Award (1 point) Certificate and prize
- Excellent Design Award (2 point) Certificate and prize

Announcement of results
The winners will be announced on our web site as well as in industry related magazines. Those who have passed the preliminary competition will be notified.

Application Period
01 September 2007 - 31 January 2008
Preliminary Competition Judging Period
31 March 2008
Notification of Preliminary Competition Winners
April 2008 (Only designers whose entries are accepted for the Final Competition will be notified, and we will announce their name on our web site. At the same time notification will be given to make the entry.)
Final Competition 31 May 2008
Announcement of results August 2008
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