Robert Bruce Thompson Annual Student Light Fixture Design Competition

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 04 Nisan 2008
Web Sitesi: www.rbtcompetition.org/
Yarışma SonuçlarıFirst Prize: Sandra Maacaron, Lighting Design Parsons - The New School (New York, New York)
Second Prize: Rachel Prager, Interior Design Ringling College of Art & Design (Sarasota, Florida)
Third Prize: Amanda N. McAlpine, Interior Design Virgina Tech (Blacksburg, Virginia)

Citation for Technical Achievement: Elizabeth Lanford, Interior Design Ringling College of Art & Design (Sarasota, Florida)

Citation for Presentation
Brian Ha, Architecture Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey)
Luke Winter, Architecture Montana State University (Bozeman, Montana)Yarışma Bilgileri

Bruce Thompson was a twenty-five year veteran of the lighting industry. He had a broad background in the profession having worked in theatre, retail, as a factory representative, and concluding his career in manufacturing as vice president of sales and marketing. Throughout his career Bruce emphasized design and innovation. He was also an accomplished light fixture designer. He established this independent competition to encourage creativity and education in light fixture design and manufacturing.

The competition ia administered by The Robert Bruce Thompson Trust, which was formed solely for the purpose of conducting the competition. The trust welcomes contributions. See "Be a Supporter".

Competition Rules
- Entrants must be full time students, enrolled in an accredited academic degree program in the United States. Approved programs include architectural engineering programs, architecture programs, interior design programs, theatre, or industrial design programs. Because of the high level of competition, it is recommended that entrants be undergraduate seniors or graduate students.
- Only individuals may apply. Group projects are not acceptable. 
- The fixture must be designed within the past year and while the entrant is a student.
- A faculty member at the student''s school must sponsor the application. 
- A copy of this application must accompany all entries, one entry per student per year. 
- Include 7 collated copies of all application material. Application material will not be returned to the applicant. 
- The student''s proposed light fixture design should be illustrated on a maximum of four 11" x 17" sheets of paper. These sheets should include a dimensioned plan and section of the lighting fixture, a perspective sketch or rendering of the product, and a perspective sketch of the product in use.
- An optional candlepower distribution curve, without values, may be included to illustrate an understanding of the light distribution. Graphic illustrations may be drawn by hand or computer-rendered. (Materials not submitted in this format may be disqualified.) Both presentation and conceptual design will be considered in the judging process. 
- In addition to the above requirements, include a maximum 250-word description of the product and its use. 
- Optional: In addition to the above requirements, the student may build a model and include up to 5 images of the model, i.e., photographs or digital images. The purpose of the model is to demonstrate aesthetics and design. It need not be a functioning model. It may be constructed out of any material. The images should be included in the maximum of four 11" x 17" sheets. Do not submit the actual model.

Design Criteria
The student is encouraged to consider the following criteria in the design process:
- Innovative character of the overall design
- Aesthetics
- Innovative and sustainable use of materials
- Ease of use and maintenance
- Breadth of practical application
- Light distribution and visual comfort
- Practicality of manufacturing
- Energy efficiency

Submission Deadline
Entries should be postmarked by 04 April 2008.

First Prize
The Thompson Prize is a cash award of 6.000 Dollars, plıs a trophy.
Second Prize The Award od Distinction is a cash award of 3.600 Dollars, plus a plaque.
Third Prize The Award od Merit is a cash award of 2.000 Dollars, plus a plaque.
Special Citations A Special Citations is a cash award of 500 Dollars, plus a plaque.
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