Dyson Student Design Competition 2008

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 09 Şubat 2008
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Yarışma Sonuçları

First Prize: "Rake n Take", Ryan Jansen (Southern Illinois University Carbondale)

Second Prizes
- "SplitStream: Dynamic Triathlon Handlebars", David Baggeroer (Stanford University)
- "Flux: A Better Breast Pump", Christine Miller (California College of the Arts)

Third Prizes
- "Tone" Hearing Aid, Kiel Mohman (Columbus College of Art and Design)
- "Vortex Tube Water Purification Device", Samuel Harrington (Renesselaer Polytechnic Institute) 
- "Uber Shelter ", Rafael Smith (Purdue University)

Yarışma BilgileriThe James Dyson Foundation is dedicated to encouraging students to think differently by conquering everyday problems with the design of functional products. Eye for why, Dyson’s fourth annual US student design competition, is a tremendous opportunity for students at any of the NASAD-accredited degree programs or individual student members of IDSA to demonstrate new and alternative design solutions that simply work better.

Entries are not restricted by theme or product group. Products submitted should, however, reflect James Dyson’s philosophy of “complete design”. This concept focuses on the total product – it must solve a problem, work well, and provide a real advantage over existing offerings. 

Submission deadline for entries is 9 February 2008.

One First Place Prize 5.000 Dollars 
Two Second Place Prizes 2.000 Dollars each
Three Third Place Prizes 1.000 Dollars each

The instructor of the student winning first place will receive a 2.000 Dollars award.

The winning student or team designates and the first place faculty member will have expenses paid for attending the ceremony provided by Dyson. Students accepting the prize must be available for full participation in the exhibit and for media appearances.

Entries will be recognized for "Honorable Mention" if deemed appropriate, but this designation does not carry any prize money or travel.

Finalists will receive a certificate on or before June 1, 2008.
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