The Dell Regeneration International Green Computing Technology Design Competition

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Design students and individuals are invited to create a broad range of design concepts and innovations for technology products that demonstrate refreshed approaches and responsible solutions for green computing technologies. 

The main goal is to facilitate an open exchange among all peoples of the Earth and contribute to the body of knowledge that advances the practice of environmentally responsible product design for current and future computing technology products.

Who Can Enter?
Design Students and Individuals with a passion for ReGeneration

The Dell ReGeneration International Green Computing Technology Design Competition is open to individuals who are at least eighteen (18) years of age or the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence, whichever is older. Employees of Dell Inc., its advertising agencies, its contractors, or other companies associated with the promotion of the Competition, as well as the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings, and children) and household members of each such employee are not eligible. The Competition is subject to federal, state, and local laws and regulations and is void in Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and where prohibited by law.

Design Educators
Design Educators are not eligible to enter if any student from their university enters the competition. However, Design Educators may be eligible for a Design Educator Award and their college or university may be eligible for the People’s Vote Matching University Award. Design Educators will need to register for eligibility purposes for the Educator’s Award and the People’s Vote Matching University Award. Design Educators who enter the Competition or who register for the Educator’s Award and the People’s Vote Matching University Award must comply with all applicable university policies and obtain any authorizations required for participation and prize eligibility from the university ethics or compliance office. No Entry Fees
There is no cost to enter. Entrants will need access to digital document production technologies such as word processing, digital photography, and digital image editing as well as Internet access in order to participate. Please read the full Official Rules and Entry Format Guidelines for more details. By submitting an Entry, your ideas, methods and materials may be made available to the public. It is your sole responsibility to secure any intellectual property rights which may exist in your Entry. If you have any concerns that your intellectual property rights may be disclosed to the public or otherwise compromised, you should seek guidance before submitting. It is your responsibility to determine whether your university or employer may own any ownership rights in and to the Entry prior to your submission.

Schedule & Deadlines
16 - 20 October 2007
Competition kick-off: ICSID/IDSA design Conference, San Francisco, California, USA 
09 January 2008, 17:00 US CST Competition Opens for Online Submissions
02 April 2008i, 23:59 US CST Competition Closes for Submissions
03 - 14 April 2008 Jury Period
23 April 2008 People''s Vote Opens Online
07 May 2008 People''s Vote Closes
15 May 2008 Winner Announcement

Entry Format Guidelines
Entrants will be asked to register online and answer a series of questions online in addition to uploading the design text, image and video documents. Entrants should not place names, signatures or any identifying mark in any of the text, images, or video documents submitted or the Entry will be disqualified.

Online Questionnaire
It is recommended that the entrants type out the answers to the online questions ahead of time in a text document and then simply cut and paste into the online answer box, refer to the Competition Questions for the detailed questions. The answer boxes will have text restrictions of 800 characters including spaces so be sure to conduct a character count before attempting to upload your answers.

Text Documents
Entrants will also be asked to upload their research documents and any other text type document, including documentation of their design process, in support of their design. The format for these documents is either: 
- word.doc
- .pdf

Entrants will also be asked to upload their designs and the documentation of their design process. The format for these documents is 300 dpi, 3248 X 4872 pixels with a maximum file size of 5 MB in file type: .jpg.

Optional Videos
Entrants may also submit one digital video to reinforce their design submission and documentation of their design process. Video files are not to exceed 2 minutes and 5 MB in size. The format for videos is either:

- Windows Media Video (.wmv)
- Quicktime (.mov)

Judging Criteria
Entries will be submitted online and viewed by independent professional industry and environmental jurors. Entrants will need to provide descriptive, high-quality presentations of the concept’s context as well as the design. Submissions need to address personal and professional computing product design as described in the About the Competition section and are subject to the full competition details and Official Rules.

Design Solution: Aesthetics as well as a sensitivity to form follows function. The design must not only be visually appealing but be purposeful in its form factor and highly usable by the intended users.

Innovativeness: What is the big idea relating to green computing technology? How profound is the idea and how innovative is the solution from a green computing technology product design perspective?

Green Computing Technology Considerations: How well did the design solution address each of the various Green Computing Technology Considerations listed in this competition?

- Stewardship
- Sustainability
- Energy Efficiency / Climate Protection
- Transportation and Logistics
- Materials Utilization
- Recovery & Recycling
- Product Life Cycle
- User Needs / Human Factors

Feasibility & Concept Validation: How realistic is it? Can it be manufactured in the near-term or long-term under green manufacturing constraints? Did the entrant do a sufficient amount of investigation regarding what is possible from a functional and manufacturing perspective? Are the research sources cited, varied, and valid? Did the entrant provide proper citations and credit for research and intellectual property referenced?

Utilization of Green Assessment Tools: Did the entrant make good use of assessment tools such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and other green validation and product development process tools that provide guidelines and standards for current thinking and current regulation for environmental product designs and manufacturing?

Documentation of Process & Methodology: Has the entrant, and how well has the entrant, captured the process of creating the final design solution?

Presentation: Has the entrant effectively presented the concept? Are entry materials neat and well organized? Has the entrant made effective use of visualization tools? How well did the entrant communicate the ideas and solution using text and imagery? How well did the entrant make use of media to express ideas?

Green Computing Technology Considerations
The following topic areas are presented as considerations to aid the participant in the development of their green computing technology product design solutions for the purposes of this competition. The jury will also refer to this list of considerations in order to evaluate the completeness of the individual submissions.

Environmental Stewardship is the concept of responsible management of all of the natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations of people, plants, animals, and the entire living Earth.

Sustainable development does not focus solely on environmental issues. Sustainable design solutions will encompass Environmental Stewardship and address the interdependent and mutually reinforcing pillars of sustainable development understood worldwide to be:

Economic development
2. Social development
3. Environmental protection

Energy Efficiency / Climate Protection
Energy efficient product designs and systems reduce power requirements which in turn reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Solutions may include realistic plans for use of renewable energy sources or may completely eliminate the of use of conventional, carbon footprint generating sources of energy.

Transportation and Logistics
Submitted solutions may also reduce the carbon footprint impact through designs and concepts that directly address the large scale transportation activities associated with global or local computing technologies manufacturing.

Materials Utilization
Includes the selection, management and recovery of necessary materials utilized in computing technology products. Should address the environmental impact when considering the amount and type of materials used in a product.

Recovery & Recycling
Submitted solutions may take the idea of donation and reuse even further by making the practice more integral and easier for the user to participate in as a result of the design solution. Submitted solutions may also go beyond current, traditional recycling practices and further extend, enhance, or move forward the recycling methods for addressing computing technology products at the end of their useful life.

Product Life Cycle
Submitted solutions should consider the entire life cycle of the product. Think about how materials and energy considerations of the product design will impact sourcing, production, distribution, product usage, recovery reuse and then ultimately resource recovery. Is the product design solution upgradeable, reusable, modular, degradable, has it considered full end-of life implications?

User Needs / Human Factors
Submitted solutions should carefully consider and demonstrate thoughtfulness, investigation, and validation regarding the capabilities, limitations and needs of the individual user and of multiple users. Designs should advance, directly or indirectly, the safety, well-being, and performance of human beings.
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