Totem International Competition For Students

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 27 Mart 2008
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Yarışma Sonuçları

First Prize:
Xintao Ye, Lina Xiao, Xiaolu Ding (China)

Second Prize:
Zhenbin Mei (China)

Third Prize:
Ferdiansyah Dicky (Germany)

Fourth Prize:
Han Yu, Jing Pan Xi''an, Hao Wang Xi''an (China)

Fifth Prize:
Siji Liv (China)

Sixth Prize:
Huang Zheng (China)

Seventh Prize:
Qian Chen, Guang Chao Meng, Su Ting Zou, Juan Li, Pu Zhi, Ting Ting Zhang (China)

Honourable Mention
: Qing Ju, Zhuang Li, Liyan Ni (China)

Honourable Mention:
Hanqi Wang, Xiaoliang Liang, Bing Yan, Yang Tang, Xin Xu, Jinghua Dai, Jing Chen, Yueyan Li, Ziran Sun (China)

Yarışma BilgileriThis ideas competition, in a single stage, is organised in the framework of the UIA Congress Turin 2008. Based on the congress theme, Transmitting architecture, competitors are invited to design a Totem, an architectural object for communication, information and exchange to be located in one of the following three types of environment: a social context: poverty; a natural context: ecology; an urban context: metropolis.

The competition procedure will be run entirely on internet. Students of architecture worldwide attending a school recognised by the UIA member section in their country are invited to take part by submitting a proposal online.

- The competition is open to students of architecture attending a school recognized by the UIA Member Section in their country.
- In case of team participation with students from other disciplines, the team leader must be a student of architecture.
- Those who are related to the jury or Technical Committee members, may not participate in the competition either directly or through an intermediary.
- Participation under the supervision of a teacher is recommended and encouraged, but is not mandatory.

Competition Language
The competition documents and the entries will be in English only.

The competition shall be adjudicated by an international jury composed of the following architects:
- Luca Molinari (Italy)
- Michele De Lucchi (Italy)
- Wolf Tochtermann (Germany)
- José Luis Cortes (Mexico)
- Magda Hosam Eldin (Egypt)
- The winner of the 2005 UNESCO Prize for Architecture, who will sit as deputy member.

The total prize money amounts to 15.000 Euro. For each of the three categories (info-poverty, info-ecology and info-metropolis), the following prizes will be awarded:

First Prize: 3.000 Euro
2 Honorable Mentions: 1.000 Euro each

Additional prizes will be offered by personalities, UIA member Sections or other institutions.

The registering participant or the leader of the group will receive a free of charge registration to the Congress and will be invited to the prize giving ceremony.

11 January 2008 Deadline for Web site activation
25 January 2008 Deadline for sending inquires
01 February 2008 Deadline for replies to the inquires
20 March 2008, 16:00 UTC Opening of the period for activation, by the participants, of the telematic procedure for registration and simultaneous transmission of the documents
27 March 2008, 16:00 UTC Closing of the period for the activation by the participants of the telematic procedure for registration and simultaneous transmission of the documents
12 April 2008 Adjudication
25 April 2008 Announcement of the results
29 June – 06 July 2008 Exhibition of the projects in Torino
02 July 2008 Prize giving ceremonyYarışma Şartnamesi
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