2007 - 08 ACSA / U.S. Department of Homeland Security International Student Design Competition

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 08 Şubat 2008
Teslim Tarihi: 04 Haziran 2008
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Major changes to airline operations, passenger expectations, and aviation security over the past 30 years, along with the aging terminal buildings, make it necessary for Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) to explore designs for a major terminal re-life. This competition will require students to develop design solutions to “re-life” American Airlines’ Terminal A at DFW. The competition is intended to allow for a complete interior and exterior re-design of the current crescent shaped two-story terminal necessary to respond to post 911 security requirements, current airline operational needs, passenger use patterns and expectations, and concession development.

Designs for the re-life of DFW Terminal A should focus on: 
- Accommodating current and emerging security requirements 
- Incorporating sustainable design 
- Optimizing operational efficiencies 
- Incorporate space for retail and concessions 
- Converting its 1970’s architecture into a 21st century statement 
- Incorporating the airport’s new train system, SkyLink

DFW Airport opened in 1974 as a regional airport. Today, DFW is a major international gateway serving over 55 million passengers annually, with 70% of passengers connecting. DFW is a major hub for the nation’s largest airline, American Airlines. This competition will focus on DFW Airport Terminal A’s nearly 1.000.000 square feet that serve domestic flights on two stories with a two level roadway system, 30 gates, and offices for American’s domestic operations.

Winning students and their faculty sponsors will receive cash prizes totaling 70.000 US Dollars. Winning student or student teams with concepts showing promising solutions may be invited to spend a week at the architectural offices of Corgan Associates, Inc. in Dallas and create a set of development drawings to further refine the submission concepts.

September 2007 - 08 February 2008
Mid-project Review 07 December 2007
Questions Deadline 01 March 2008
Answers Posted 15 March 2008
Submission Deadline 04 June 2008
Winners Announced June 2008
Summary Book Summer 2008

Registration / Submission Form
The Registration / Submission Form should be completed in its entirety by a faculty sponsor for all students participating in the competition. Only one form per participating studio/faculty sponsor is needed - Registration/Submission Form.

A total of 70.000 Dollars will be awarded for the competition, distributed as follows:

Mid-Project Review:
5 awards of 2.000 Dollars (1.500 Dollars for student / team, 500 Dollars for faculty sponsor)

Final Prize
First Place

Student / Team 20.000 Dollars 
Faculty Sponsor 8.000 Dollars 

Second Place
Student / Team 10.000 Dollars
Faculty Sponsor 4.000 Dollars

Third Place
Student/Team 6.000 Dollars
Faculty Sponsor 2.000 Dollars

Honorable Mention
10.000 Dollars total, made at jury’s discretion.

The design jury will meet in December 2007 for the mid-project review and during June 2008 to select winning projects. Winning teams and faculty sponsors will be notified of the results directly.

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