PCI Architectural Student Design Competition 2008

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Yarışma SonuçlarıStudent Category
Category 1 - Site Specific
First Prize:
Erik Illies "Charlotte - Mecklenburg Middle School"
Second Prize: Brett Barbour "Highland Creek Middle School: Total Precast Middle School"

Category 2 - Non-site Specific
First Prize:
Josh Forseth "Extrusion: Pulling Precast into Context"
Second Prize: Thomas Huan "Chicago Charter School"
Thirs Prize: Chris Chiu "Osmosis: Chicago Charter School"Yarışma Bilgileri

The Precast / Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI), an organization dedicated to fostering greater understanding and use of precast and prestressed concrete organizes an architectural student design competition. PCI Total-Precast Design Challenge is the design of a new middle school to be located at the designated site in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. The project will address the vision that PCI has for a new middle school, in addition to showcasing a total-precast concrete solution (defined as 100% of structural and architectural elements).

In this year’s competition we are following the consideration of sustainable building practices. The potential for precast / prestressed concrete as a green building material is significant, and innovative applications may contribute to greater performance in several areas of sustainable building. Successful entries will be characterized by innovative use of precast/prestressed concrete as an agent in sustainable design. A minimum potential Silver LEED rating is required to be integrated into the design. Students may participate in the site-specific competition, or opt to enter in the nonsite-specific category and work with a local school district where plans for a school are in progress.

There are two design award categories for the competition.

Category I: Student (Site-specific)
The competition is open to students in architecture or in architecture-related programs. Competition entries may be the work of an individual student or can be submitted as a team from a school. Student organizations may enter the competition as a possible fundraiser for the organization. Each entry must have a faculty advisor.

Category II: Student (Non-site specific)
The competition is open to students in architecture or in architecture-related programs. This category is intended to encourage universities to provide regional community service to local school districts. Competition entries may be the work of an individual student or can be submitted as a team from a school. Student organizations may enter the competition as a possible fundraiser for the organization. Each entry must have a faculty advisor.

- The jury will be composed of three prominent architects / engineers representing design expertise in the field of total-precast concrete design, sustainable design, landscape planning, and/or the presentation / evaluation of architectural competition.
- The jury will convene in June 2008 in Chicago, Ill.
- Student winners will be notified by mail, with acknowledgement also sent to the faculty advisor and school administration. Other entrants will be notified by means of a press release sent to the faculty advisor.
- Results will also be posted on the PCI website at the time of the press release.

Presentation Requirements
Required Drawings
Drawings must be firmly mounted or drawn directly on no more than four 20” x 30” illustration or foam-core boards. Graphics should be sufficient to explain the design solution. Each presentation must include the title of the project. Individual drawings and plans are to be titled. Photographs may be mounted to boards. All drawings should be drawn at a scale appropriate to the design solution and include a graphic scale, a north arrow on all plans, and elevation markers on all sections and elevations.

Each presentation must include (minimum requirements):
- Site plan showing the relationship of surrounding development, landscaping, circulation patterns, and parking solutions.
- Site and building sections: Transverse and longitudinal with respect to the facility, showing physical and visual relationships as appropriate.
- Exterior perspectives, axonometric drawings, or photographs of the project model.
- Floor plans as required (all levels).
- Minimum of one interior perspective illustrating the character of the principal space(s) and materials.
- At least one large-scale detail drawing, illustrating the architectural and structural totalprecast concrete design solution.
- Highlights of strategies used to achieve environmentally sustainable solutions with precast / prestressed concrete.

Important Details for Board Presentations
The entrant’s name, school, faculty advisor, and image must not appear on the front of the board. A sheet of paper listing the entrant’s name, school, and faculty advisor should be firmly affixed to the back of each board; all boards should be numbered on the back (1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc.)

Presentations submitted on materials such as wood, metal, or glass will be disqualified. Unmounted or oversized materials will not be accepted. Participants should keep in mind that, due to the number of entries, preliminary review does not allow for the handling of end-to-end display of presentation boards. Accordingly, text or graphics that cross over from board to board should not be used. Entries may be originals or high-contrast reproductions. Photographs of models are encouraged.

Design Concept Statement
A brief design concept statement describing the most important concepts / features of the design project should appear as part of the presentation boards. Keep in mind that the presentation should graphically convey the design solution and context as much as possible and therefore it should not rely upon the design concept for a basic understanding of the project. Enclose a copy of the design concept with the project submission form.

LEED-NC v2.2 Scorecard
A quick summary of which LEED Credits are projected to be obtained by the design should be outlined on the LEED Checklist made available by the United States Green Building Council at: https://www.usgbc.org/DisplayPage.aspx?CMSPageID=220

Project Submission Form, Digital Copies
Each project must be accompanied by a completed Project Submission Form and Digital Copies (.jpg, .pdf) of all submitted boards on a CD. Additional images or data should NOT be included on this CD and will not be viewed. The CD should be clearly labeled and all digital files should be organized and clearly named for easy reference. Both the Form and CD should be placed in an unsealed envelope and taped to the back of the first board along with a copy of the design concept.

Entries must be shipped in boxes or sturdy wrapping. All entries must be received at or brought in person to the Precast / Prestressed Concrete Institute headquarters in Chicago, Ill., by 17:00. Central Standard Time, 23 May 2008.

Previous Architectural Student Design Competitions have awarded up to 25.000 Dollars in monetary awards. The total monetary sponsorship for this year’s competition is to be determined.

- The winning entries may be exhibited at the 2008 PCI Annual Convention. In addition, winning entries may be published in the PCI Journal and Ascent Magazine.
- A limited number of honorable mention citations may also be awarded at the discretion of the jury.
- PCI reserves the right to publish photographs of all entries and names of entrants without compensation.

23 May 2008: Deadline for reception of competition entries
June 2008: Design Competition Jury
July 2008: Design Winners Announced
05 - 08 October 2008: Awards Presented at the PCI Annual Convention & Exhibition in Orlando, FL

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