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EDU OPEN, an international conference by Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning and CIB W104 Open Building Implementation announces an international student competition to accompany this conference.

The competition provides a unique opportunity for future architects to challenge conventional approaches to design, and to investigate and develop new concepts for an open and sustainable architecture for the 21st century.

The Competition projects are expected to assume a temporal identity in architecture through the maximization of its momentary and fleeting event-structure. Entries should place strong emphasis on performance of buildings and neighborhoods on the time axis. In so doing, they should offer a critical look at architectural traditions, including the idea of architecture as stones-in-the-water monuments. In addition, a new understanding of environment and sustainable development now calls for an architecture of process, based on new methodologies and software. Therefore, entries will need to describe approaches to composing transparent processes and open-ended environments that establish connections between people and their surroundings, between the past, present and future, and that allow them to experience these places and built-form through thoughtful re-use and rediscovery.

This is an open competition with limited restrictions. It is intended to challenge students, working individually or in teams, to explore a variety of design issues related to open building principles in an urban context.

Studio teachers and students are encouraged to explore the many varied functional, social, political, aesthetic and environmental issues in different scales and type of projects, for their own places or cities. It also allows the students, with the approval of the sponsoring faculty member, to select a site, a community, and building use type.

Explicit application of advanced BIM-related software is strongly encouraged. We are asking that individual students, student groups, and studio instructors forward an e-mail to [email protected] to indicate their intent to place an entry in the competition and to be placed on a communications list. The e-mail should have “Competition Entry Intent” as the subject and provide the full name or names of students, the university and academic department, and their location. Please provide this e-mail before April 1st if you will be joining the competition.

First Prize:
1000 Dollars
Second Prize: 600 Dollars
Third Prize: 400 Dollars

Information regarding jury will be announced soon on the conference website.

Entries shall conform to the following format: two A1 sized PDF documents (594mm × 841mm) oriented vertically (portrait style). Files shall be separate files and may not exceed 5 mb per file.

Submission will be via Internet. All entries must be in pdf format and digitally submitted.

Submission Deadline:
01 August 2008
Winners Announced: 01 September 2008
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