Green Room Pavilion International Student Design Contest

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 01 Nisan 2008
E-posta: [email protected]
Web Sitesi: www.easa008.ie
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Overall Winner:
Gustav Backström, Anders Malmberg

Most Practical
: András Márk Bartha, Bence Komlósi

Most Imaginative:
Jennifer Ramirez


Linus Godet, Nikolaj Friis

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The competition is to design an environmental pavilion, code-named: "Green Room." The pavilion in this contest will be built as a hands-on experimental workshop during Easa 2008 in Ireland. EASA is a summer school for 400 - 500 architecture students from all over Europe. During the two weeks of the assembly, visions and experiments grow from workshops, tutored and arranged by architecture students. It takes place in Letterfrack, Ireland between 09 - 24 August 2008. The finished pavilion will be exhibited at the PLEA (Passive and Low Energy Architecture) conference held in UCD between 22 - 24 October 2008.

The winning project will be given to an architectural office to draft the building in detail and prepare it for construction. If it’s any good, it promises to be published in national and international architecture press.

The winning entry will be built at the EASA Summer Assembly in Ireland.

The wining entrants will not have to pay participation fees (max. 2 people) to the EASA 2008 Assembly in Ireland.

There will also be commendations for the ‘Most Imaginative’ and ‘Most Practical’ entries. A single entrant from each of these will be awarded free participation to the easa 2008 Assembly in Ireland.

Learning Tool
The pavilion will function as a learning tool, embodying a lesson for children to better understand sustainable architecture practices. It should be capable of accommodating at least 5 children and an adult.

The pavilion must be light and transportable by means of freight truck as a whole entity or as an assembly of parts. The dimensions for the largest available trailer are L10m x W2.4m x H2.8m.

Too often the effective "green-ness" of a building is unquantifiable and misleading. The pavilion is intended to function as a learning tool, designed to de-mystify environmental architecture in a clear and legible way.

It is our job as architects to not only implement change in current architectural practices, but to also educate the next generation on the future direction of architecture in the world. The slow process of adaptation to new circumstance means that our environment lies in the hands of future generations. Children can be the most fascist implementers of policy. It is the aim of the competition that the winning design will bestow an attitude in children so as to ensure a real change in future environmental awareness.

This is a mobile pavilion, so there is no context. The pavilion should be positionable anywhere in Ireland. It should therefore be light and not require groundworks.

Orientation is the only constant, so it requires important consideration in relation to the design of the pavilion.

Ireland is a temperate oceanic climate. Our latitude is 54 degrees, and as you will discover, we enjoy constantly changeable, unpredictable weather, with only a moderate seasonal fluctuation in temperature. Annual precipitation, it rains a lot. All climatic statistics are available from.

How it’s Judged
The incoming proposals, which meet competition requirements, will be evalated.
- Feasibility
- Sustainability - Passive and Low Energy Strategies
- Aesthetic / Architectural Merit

The criteria are not listed in any special order, and will be equally weighed in the evaluation. The competition jury will consist of a member of the EASA Ireland competition team, a PLEA representative, An Environmental Architect (as soon as known, published on easa008.ie), Notable other Architect (as soon as known, published on easa008.ie).

How to Apply
- Fill out and submit the registration form to [email protected] by 18 March 2008. A4-digit registration number will be returned to the applicant.
- Submit proposals to [email protected] by midnight 01 April 2008.
- The proposal is to be presented on max. 4 A3 landscape sheets, each with the 4-digit registration number clearly displayed on the front face(s).
- The submission has to be sent as 4 separate pdf-files no larger than 2Mb each.
- All questions are to be sent to [email protected], where they will be answered by the easa Ireland Competition Team. Answers to all questions will be posted on www.easa008.ie until two weeks before the deadline. Each entry must be accompanied by a completed competition form. The competition form will be available on the easa website from 20th January 2008.

Submission Requirements
 One Plan 1:50
- One Section 1:50 (minimum)
- One Detail 1:20
- Spatial Drawing (model photo, 3d-rendering or likewise)
- Description of Requirements (materials, technologies)

If you are unable to send in your proposal by email, you can send a printed version to the following address {submissions must arrive prior to the deadline}.

Green Room Competition
Easa Ireland Ltd.
2 Terminus Mills,
Clonskeagh Road,
Dublin 6, Ireland

15 January 2008: Competition Announced 
18 March 2008: Registration and questions Deadline
01 April 2008: Submission Deadline
15 April 2008: Competition Results 
12 August 2008: EASA Summer Assembly 10 days of build
22 October 2008: PLEA Conference. Pavilion on Exhibition in UCD

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