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Yarışma SonuçlarıJittasak Narknisorn, "Posi+ive Lounge Chair"

Jessica Konawicz, “Pandanus Lounge Chair”

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"A chair is a very difficult object. A skyscraper is almost easier. That is why Chippendale is famous." (Mies van der Rohe)

In recent years, the furniture industry has become more environmentally intelligent by reconsidering its production methods and material content, but the basic shape of things hasn''t changed much. Can we be as smart about the way things look and feel as we are about how they''re made?

We invite designers everywhere to contribute their vision for a new kind of eco-chair, one that focuses first and foremost on form. What kind of shapes can minimize resources while maximizing comfort and enjoyment? How can design integrate ecology and ergonomics?

The focus of the competition is the lounge chair or similar casual seating—simple objects to aid the body in the act of sitting. Commercial office chairs and other specialized functions are not appropriate, but otherwise you have as much latitude as you can explain and illustrate in a convincing way.

Successful entries will be clear, compelling, innovative designs that demonstrate three criteria:
- Make good (Material conservation). How can shape optimize resources in design, fabrication, and shipping? What forms create little waste but lots of taste?
- Feel good (Physical comfort). How can shape aid the body in the act of sitting? How do different people sit? How might they?
- Look good (Emotional resonance). What kinds of images create emotional bond between viewer and product? What is the intersection of sustainability and sensuality?

Your entry should be an original concept. Commercially sold products are prohibited. The design need not have been built, and all entries should be submitted digitally (as renderings, photographs, and other images).

The competition is open to any designer, architect, student, or interested person anywhere. Judging will be anonymous.

A cash prize of 4.500 Dollars will be awarded to 1 designer or shared (equally or unequally) among 2 - 5 designers, subject to the judges'' discretion. More prizes may be available. The award is intended to support the fabrication of a prototype of your design.

Winners and select entries will be featured in Treehugger, Inhabitat, Western Interiors, and a variety of other press TBA.

Select entries may be featured in Lance Hosey''s forthcoming book, The Shape of Green: Aesthetics, Ecology and Design.

All finalists will be displayed on the competition website, and many or all will be exhibited at various public events to be announced.

Winners will be recognized at an awards ceremony at the Las Vegas Market, 30 July 2008. Travel and lodging for one winner (or one representative from a winning team) may be reimbursed.

- Lance Hosey (Jury Chair, Competition Organizer - Director, William McDonogh + Partners)
- Galen Cranz (Professor, University of California)
- Bill Dowell (Director of Research, Herman Miller Inc.)
- Jill Fehrenbacher (Green Designer - Founder, Inhabitat)
- Eric Pfeiffer (Designer - Founder, Pfeiffer Lab)
- Susan Szenasy (Editor in Chief, Metropolis Magazine)
- Michael Wollaeger (Editor in Chief, Western Interiors and Design Magazine)

You must register on-line to receive an entry number. The registration fee is 50 Dollars, payable by PayPal. All registrations and fees are due by 16 May 2008. Late registration is acceptable before 30 May 2008, for an additional 25 Dollars (total of 75 Dollars).

Entries are due before 09 June 2008, 19:00. All entries are to remain anonymous. Any submissions that include names or affiliations on any documents except the entry form may be disqualified. Submit your entries on line.

Images: Digital renderings or photographs should be clear, clean, and high-quality. Appearances count! A minimum of three (3) and a maximum of six (6) images (renderings, photographs, and/or diagrams). Explanatory diagrams or images are encouraged. Required is at least one image illustrating a human body in the chair (diagram of a side elevation is preferable). Digital images should be in JPEG format and less than 2 MB in size.

Narrative Brief: A clear, concise explanation of the design that intelligently addresses the three key criteria and answers all the relevant questions in the call for entries. Max. 200 words total. You are encouraged to give a unique name to your design.

Entry form: Submission materials should remain anonymous. The images and brief should include no references to the names of individual designers, design firms, schools, or companies. All contact information should be submitted using the standard entry form.

16 May 2008: Registration Deadline
30 May 2008: Late Registration 
09 June 2008, 19:00: Submission Deadline
Mid June - Mid July 2008: Judging Period 
14 July 2008: Winners Announced
30 July 2008: Award Ceremony
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