Contrabands and Freedmen''s Cemetery Memorial Design Competition 2008

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The Contrabands and Freedmen’s Cemetery Memorial Design Competition seeks design submissions from architects, landscape architects, artists, students, and other interested individuals to memorialize and honor those who are buried at Contrabands and Freedmen’s Cemetery in Alexandria, Virginia.

"Contraband" was a term used during the American Civil War referring to a black slave who escaped to or was brought within the Union lines and "Freedmen" was used to refer to an individual who had been freed from slavery.The site was established in 1864 as a burial ground for African Americans who fled slavery, seeking a safe haven in Unioncontrolled Alexandria during the Civil War. More than 1.800 people were buried there over the five years that the federal government managed the cemetery. After 1869 the cemetery may have been used unofficially by families as a burial ground but was likely not maintained formally. Over the years, the site has been compromised and hundreds of graves lost from a number of actions: the removal of soil from the cemetery for brick making; the adjacent development of two major highways; and the construction of a gas station and office building on the sacred site. Most people were unaware that a burial ground survived under the pavement on the commercial property until historical research began to reveal the presence of the cemetery in 1987. Community interest and archaeological investigations over the last ten years have resulted in an appreciation for the cemetery, the largest historic African American burial site in the city, and its long forgotten story. While other physical sites that recalled the once-considerable African American presence in Alexandria have been lost, the City of Alexandria acquired the property in 2007 in order to remove the buildings, reclaim the cemetery, and create a memorial.

The dignity, perseverance, and courage of Alexandria’s freed men, women, and children will be memorialized through reclamation of the forgotten site, thereby protecting hundreds of graves which have survived. The Contrabands and Freedmen’s Cemetery Memorial will be a solemn and reverent place, offering opportunities for reflection, commemoration, education, and the search for cultural identity.

The Memorial will educate visitors about the courageous struggles of the thousands of contrabands and freedmen who sought refuge in Alexandria, as well as the heroic role that the United States Colored Troops played in America’s Civil War. Visitors will be able to trace the site’s history from Native American settlement, to African American burial ground and beyond.

The Memorial will protect the cemetery and stand as a reminder to generations that the struggle for freedom and the people who fought for it cannot, and will not, be forgotten again.

Selection Process
Each submission will be evaluated for conformance with the mission statement and design criteria identified in this Call for Entries. After review of the submissions, the top 20-30 will be displayed in a public location in the City of Alexandria for review by the public and interested stakeholders. Based on the feedback and further review of the submissions, a first, second, and third place prize will be awarded. Honorable Mentions may also be distinguished at that time.

First Prize:
10.000 Dollars
Second Prize: 5.000 Dollars
Third Prize: 2.500 Dollars

The winning concept design will be developed into a detailed site design.

Construction Budget
The construction budget of the project is anticipated to be between 1.500.000 and 2.000.000 Dollars.

The selection committee will be comprised of representatives from the following agencies and organizations:
- Alexandria Archaeological Commission
- Alexandria Commission for the Arts
- Alexandria Historical Society
- Alexandria Park and Recreation Commission
- Alexandria Planning Commission
- Alexandria Society for the Preservation of Black Heritage
- Friends of Freedmen’s Cemetery
- Historic Alexandria Resources Commission
- Neighborhood Civic Associations
- Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project
- Woodrow Wilson Bridge Neighborhood Task Force

Submission Requirements
Entries must be submitted in the following format:
One entry board, mounted on 76,2 cm x 106,7 cm foam or illustration board. (The entry board cannot be framed or covered with glass or any similar material.) The front of the entry board must not contain any identification of the entrant. Each entry board must be oriented vertically to include the following at a minimum:
- Site plan at 1” = 30‘- 0”
- Vision statement (250 word maximum)

Additional images of the proposed design, including one or more of the following:
- Hand sketches
- Vignettes
- Photographs of a model
- Views of a digital 3-D model
- Site sections
- The entry form must be completed in full, printed, and attached to the back of each entry board.
- All of the above (entry board and entry form) must be included digitally as PDF files on a CD-ROM. The CD must be labeled with the name of the entrant, contact person, and contents.

Entries must be received by 25 April 2008, 17:00. Please mail submissions to: Lee Center, Attn: Design Competition 1108 Jefferson Street Alexandria, VA 22314

Competition Schedule
February 2008:
Call for Entries distributed
25 April 2008: Competition entries due by 17:00
May - June 2008: Evaluation of entries
July 2008: Notification of winner and two finalistsYarışma Şartnamesi
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