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Submission Deadline Update: Submissions are accepted 25 August 2008.

Spark is a bold new competition - a unique crossroads of design, where the interests of all participants in the community are represented and their strengths brought to bear. Spark leaps beyond the mid-century view of design. In this new world, how do the best ideas and best designs gain recognition? SparkAwards will validate superlative designs from professionals. But we also need a filter for the best novice designers and innovators, too. The world is now participating in design - let''s enable the best formgivers to rise to the top.

Spark is about Change - designed change. Change for the better: studied, researched, cognizant of criteria like sustainability, suitability, context, inventiveness, process, universality - and yes, beauty.

Ultimately, one must ask why this is important. Commerce is important, but it is a means to an end. We might call the real goal "betterment." Better lives, better health, better water, better air. Great design can help us get there. Do your part - make designs that make a difference.

There are awards for concept or prototype design - innovative designs that have yet to find a manufacturer or are in preliminary stages of development. Spark will also try to identify and highlight serious aspirational designs.

Each entrant may submit any number of products. There will be a two-stage competition process. The first stage will entail a ''virtual'' online entry submission. After Phase I judging, those entries that are deemed to be "Challenger" candidates will go on to the second phase. Each phase has a separate fee.

For Phase II, jury decisions are made from the actual product or graphics (when feasible). Large equipment, interiors, public spaces, buildings, digital and website design all may be submitted as visuals. Most other designs are best judged in physical, production or published form. Please note - designs should not be sent to Spark prior to the published delivery period from 15 August to 05 September 2008.

Please remember to document your design creation process. Consider all media for this - video, still photography, text. This is important for your own development and records and potential sharing for educational and promotional reasons.

All designers, art directors, design firms and departments, ad agencies, marketing and branding practices, clients, manufacturers and student or novice designers are welcome to enter. Spark accepts and promotes a wide range of design, designers and "creatives." As you''ll see on our Categories page, this ranges from product design to advertising, digital animation to brick and mortar architecture. Professional Category admission is for designs launched on the market by May 2008 or no more than four years previously (from May 04). Students and novices (non-professionals) may enter each category, without their product being in production. (Proof of status required to win.) Each entrant may enter as many products as they wish.

Architecture & Interiors

- Building Architecture
- Interior design, living spaces
- Offices, working spaces
- Universal access systems
- Temporary structures
- Infrastructure, urban planning
- Arches, bridges, viaducts and gateways
- Landmarks, symbolic structures, memorials
- Public spaces, parks, vistas, plazas
- Pedestrian walkways, amenities 
- Community planning and design

- Video: interstitials, PSA’s, station ID
- Digital video effects & animation
- Web and interactive

Brand and business strategy and organization 

Exhibition booths and pavilions. Events. Environments. Simulators.

- Identity, logos
- Print: publishing, advertising or direct mail
- Corporate and financial
- Packaging, point of sale
- Wayfinding, informational kiosks and terminals 

- Leisure, sports, health and outdoor recreation
- Industrial and consumer tools and equipment
- General consumer goods and appliances
- Kitchen and bath
- Electronics (telecom, home entertainment, computers, etc.)
- Lighting
- Jewelry, timepieces. awards, trophies and luxury goods

Furniture and Outdoor
- Residential
- Street furniture and fittings

- Vehicles, presented by Automobile Magazine (Please click for detail)
- Air, marine and space
- Mass Transit and transportation

Design-driven marketing themes 

Carbon-lowering and environmental

Education, software and data 

Both "design for the other 90%" and the policies, systems and services needed to design a sustainable existence

Medical devices and related equipment

The Spark categories have been established to provide a helpful way for designers to describe and organize their entry. If the jury feels that an entry would be better served in another, it may move that entry.

Automobile Magazine Mobility Categories
- New Vehicles
- Advanced pre-production (same as the production vehicle but production vehicles are not yet available)
- Concept vehicles
- Other surface transportation
- Green Alternative systems and vehicles
- Self-powered (bicycles, et al)
- Accessories, tools and equipment
- Interiors
- Electronics
- Advertising
- Recreational

Schedule and Entry Fees
Enter 5 designs, earn an additional sixth (6th) entry at no extra cost. Limited to one free entry per company. This promotion is retroactive and may be applied to previous orders. Series entries count as one for the purposes of calculating totals.

Phase I Registration Deadline: 01 August 2008
Entry Fee: 125 Dollars for each design, 175 Dollars each series (including student or novice).
Entries must be uploaded and received at Spark by 01 August 2008.

Phase II Registration Deadline: 01 September 2008
Entry Fee: 250 Dollars for each design, 325 Dollars each series (no charge for student or novice). Entry submissions must be received at Spark by 05 September 2008.

Campaign or series entries for either phase may be submitted with one registration and the entrant charged a single campaign/series registration fee (50 Dollars surcharge). Series entries defined by their strongly linked characteristics or motif; for example, a set of kitchen appliances or a suite of furniture.

Phase II Entry Delivery: Entrants are responsible for delivery, pickup, additional packing charges and any insurance. All Phase II designs will be expected at the Jury site during the timeframe of August 15 to September 5, 2008. Entries which are not on site by these dates will not be judged, nor fees refunded. Please send physical designs if feasible

Phase I:
Early August 2008
Phase II: Early September 2008 

Phase II Challenger candidates will be notified 15  August 2008, via e-mail and website. Phase II Finalists will be announced confidentially beginning September 15, with public announcements at the Awards Exhibition Premiere, 03 October 2008.

Collection of Entries: Non-winners will be notified of the pick-up dates and need to have work removed within that time period. The general time frame is 12 - 17 September 2008.

SparkAwards Events: Exhibition Premiere, with reception and SparkLive Exhibition: 03 October 2008, San Francisco, California.

Online Exhibition: Beginning 05 October 2008 - September 2009

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