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The award will focus on the innovative details which play a crucial part in an outstanding overall design. It is not just about solving technical problems, but about the role of the details as essentially defining the whole. An innovative detail can alter the perception of a whole design and simultaneously reflect an entire design concept by itself.

Each material has its own special characteristics. These characteristics determine their construction, aesthetics and ultimately their detailed design. Therefore, in addition to the main DETAIL Prize which is independent of the material used, there are Special Prizes in the categories Wood, Innovation Steel, ArchitekturXport and Acoustics. The student category rounds off the range of prizes.

Conditions of Entry
Architecture Prize

Only projects built to completion and finished after 01 January 2004 may be submitted for the main prize and the special prizes. The exception is the special prize for students, which recognises student projects from 01 January 2004 onwards.

The competition is open to architects, structural engineers, interior designers and landscape architects around the world who are authorised to use these professional designations. The special award for students is open to graduates and students of the corresponding fields.

Industry Prize
Eligible for entry for the Industry Prize are products or technical solutions developed or available on the market since 01 January 2004. They are to be illustrated and explained by means of reference to buildings built to completion worldwide.

All the manufacturers and developers involved in the construction of a building are entitled to take part in the competition, as are all the architects and engineers who contribute to its design. All products can be submitted that fulfil high technical and design requirements and have been incorporated into completed reference buildings

The ArchitekturXport prize is being offered in response to the increasing globalisation of construction. While many sectors are able to manufacture and sell their goods abroad, as well as guarantee product standards worldwide, the export of construction services has up until now been highly individualised and far less transparent. International cross-border processes mean that everyone involved in a construction project must familiarise themselves with the circumstances prevailing in the respective country. Architects come into contact with new and unknown markets, and are in close contact with overseas investors, developers, specialist planners and industry. The export of architecture means internationalism and interdisciplinary exchange. It involves working in a network - a way of working that is increasingly changing planning and construction processes and at the same time forming the basis for the successful export of construction services. The export of architecture is therefore not to be seen as a pure construction task, but more as a component of cultural, social, political and economic processes. Eligible for the award are outstanding projects that have been realised by an interdisciplinary, international and a worldwide networked team. Projects that architects and engineers have carried out abroad are therefore considered architectural exports. The decisive factor is that there should have been collaboration with companies based in the country in question or with planners and companies from other countries. If all the planning and design work comes from one country, then the requirements of the competition will not have been met.

Acoustics are no longer only important in event locations and concert halls where the homogeneity of the sound and sound experience have traditionally been of great importance, but also increasingly in everyday rooms. With workplaces nowadays open and compact, acoustics are becoming increasingly important and the promotion of a generally positive room environment essential. Growing awareness and stimulus satiation have led to the subject of acoustics becoming increasingly important in premium office and commercial buildings too.

The integration of an acoustics concept into the overall planning for a building is important for promoting positive spatial perception. In addition, an increasing emphasis is being placed on the use of environmentally- friendly and ecological materials. Prizes are awarded to projects that take particular note of acoustics, draw up an acoustics concept, and
integrate it into the overall design concept. Constructive elements, detailed designs and an integrative solution in the overall design concept all interplay in this. The decisive factors are the use of acousticallyeffective materials, their ecological context, the constructive implementation, ground plan organisation and the zoning of the rooms.

The Special Prize for Students acknowledges student projects which distinguish themselves from the masses in their high-quality construction and in the aesthetics of the detail, while taking into consideration the importance of teaching for a holistic architecture. A realisation of these works is not necessary for participation in the competition.

Conditions of Participation
For the principal award and the other special awards, worldwide projects are admitted which were completed after 01 January 2004. The Special Prize for Students acknowledges study projects which were designed in this period of time. Architects, construction engineers, interior designers and landscape architects from all over the world, who are entitled to practice their profession in their country, may participate in the competition. The Special Student Prize will be awarded to graduates or students from the corresponding faculties. In the event of working groups, each participant must prove his/her professional entitlement individually. Each participant may submit a maximum of three projects. It is assumed that the respective author of the design holds the unrestricted copyrights. Members of the jury are excluded from participation.

The competition documents must be submitted in time. They must be complete and must correspond with the indicated formal criteria in all aspects.

Prizes and Prize Monies
The total prize fund is 27.000 Euros, divided as follows:
- DETAIL Prize 10.000 Euros
- DETAIL Honorary Prize 5.000 Euros
- DETAIL Industry Prize 2.000 Euros
- Special Prize Wood 2.000 Euros
- Special Prize Innovation Steel 2.000 Euros
- Special Prize Acoustics 2.000 Euros
- Special Prize ArchitekturXport 2.000 Euros
- Special Prize Students 2.000 Euros

- Peter Cachola Schmal, Director Deutsches Architekturmuseum DAM
- Elke Delugan-Meissl, Delugan Meissl Associated Architects
- Helmut Dietrich, Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten
- Albert Dietz, Dietz Joppien Architekten
- Prof. Dietrich Fink, TU Munich, Fink + Jocher
- Lutz Heese, President of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects
- Christian Schittich, DETAIL editor-in-chief

In addition, deputy jury members will be appointed. The jury will reach its decisions with a simple majority and substantiate its decisions with a simple vote. The jury‘s decision cannot be contested. The jurisdiction of a court is ruled out.

Submittal Requirements
The scope of the project documents is restricted to a maximum of 1 folio per project; DIN A0, upright format on laminated cardboard, two copies. The panel must be marked as follows: project title, proposal of special prize category, location, designer, promoter, date of completion. Drawings, photos and texts must present the submitted project in a comprehensive way, giving a clear picture of both the entire project and the details. The drawings must provide a comprehensive insight into the design, function, construction, material, physical engineering and ecology of the details as part of the overall design. We expect submittal of the most important drawings necessary to understand the project, such as layout plans, sectional views and the detail that determines the design. Drawings can be submitted on a scale of 1:500 to 1:1 and should include measurements and legends. At least one concise photo of the essential detail should be attached on a CD in digital form, in jpg or tiff format and with a resolution of 300 dpi. The explanatory report with a maximum length of one DIN A4 page can be integrated into the panel, but should also be submitted as a separate text sheet. The author‘s declaration, in which s/he accepts the competition conditions and assures that s/he is the designer of the submitted work, as well as a document proving that s/he is a recognised architect and engineer must also be submitted. In the case of students and graduates, a university inscription or the diploma certificate are considered to be sufficient. The form must be filled in completely. Declarations of consent from the owner and the photographer are also required. The declaration should include a statement confirming that the participant releases the prize awarder from all legal claims of third parties, and that s/he assigns all respective publication rights to the prize awarder free of costs. Participants in the special energy-efficient construction award must also submit the fully completed form „Data regarding energy efficiency“. In addition, any and all documents must be submitted in a reduced size of DIN A4. Photos should have a reproducible quality for later publication.

German and English are accepted as the competition languages.

Summary of Requirements
- Apresentation panel suitable for an exhibition with drawings and photos, DIN A0, upright format, on laminated cardboard
- Explanatory text (max. one DIN A4 page) as a separate printout
- Author‘s declaration
- Completely filled-in form DETAIL Prize 2009 Entry Form with the declaration of consent for publishing by the photographer(s), the declaration of consent for publishing by the owner(s), the declaration of consent for publishing by the architect(s).
- Proof that the participant is entitled to practice the profession of architect or engineer; for students and graduates university registration and / or diploma certificate
- All documents in a reduced size of DIN A4
- At least one concise photo of the essential detail should be attached on a CD in digital form, in jpg or tiff format and with a resolution of 300 dpi

Only for contributions for the special ArchitekturXport award: Completely filled-in form ”Data regarding ArchitekturXport”.

Only for contributions for the special Acoustics award: Completely filled-in form ”Data regarding Acoustics”.

The projects must be submitted by 14 July 2008, 16:00 (CEST), at:
Bayerische Architektenkammer Referat für Wettbewerb und Vergabe Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Oliver Voitl Haus der Architektur Waisenhausstrasse 4 D-80637 München Germany.

The date of submittal (for deliveries by post, train and other transport companies) shall be the date indicated on the receipt, no matter what time of day. If the work is submitted directly to the prize awarder, the time indicated on the receipt shall be considered. The participants must, in any case, prove that the work had been submitted in time. Since the date stamp on postal packages might bear a later date, in this case the postal receipt shall be relevant. Therefore, all receipts should be kept until the end of the procedure and must be submitted on request. However, projects will be evaluated subject to the subsequent proof of punctual submittal. If such a submittal cannot be proved, they will be excluded afterwards.

Participants shall be informed about the jury‘s decision at www.detail.de. Prize winners will be informed immediately after the end of the jury‘s meeting.

Form and Author’s Declaration
Author’s declaration and forms can be downloaded as pdf files in German and English under www.detail.de/detailpreis2009.

Competition Schedule

03 March 2008: First Announcement 
01 April 2008: Public Notification of Award 
14 July 2008: Submission Deadline 
14 October 2008: Jury Meeting 
14 January 2009: Awards Ceremony and Exhibition
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