Contractworld Award 2009

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Category "Offices/Administration Buildings"

hiendl_schineis architektenpartnerschaft, Augsburg, Germany
werk + denklabor pauker, Friedberg, Germany

junya.ishigarni+associates, Tokyo, Japan
The Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Kanagawa, Japan

Splitterwerk, Graz, Austria
Frog Queen, Graz, Austria

Category "Hotels / Spas / Catering Facilities"

Hitoshi Abe & Atelier Hitoshi Abe, Sendai-City, Japan
Aoba-tei Restaurant, Sendai-City, Japan

J. MAYER H. Architekten, Berlin, Germany
Mensa Moltke, Karlsruhe, Germany

modulorbeat - ambitious urbanists and planners, Münster, Germany
Kubik BLN/BCN, Berlin, Germany & Barcelona, Spain

Category "Shops / Showrooms / Exhibition Stands"

Aranda Pigem Vilalta RCR Arquitectes, Olot, Spain
Hammershøi in the Light of Dreyer, Barcelona, Spain

Manuelle Gautrand Architecture, Paris, France
C42, Citröen Flagship Showroom, Paris, France

Merkx + Girod Architects, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bookstore Selexyz Dominicanen, Maastricht, Netherlands

Category "Conversion"

EMBAIXADA, Lissabon, Portugal
Tomar Environmental Monitoring and Interpretation Offices (EMIO), Tomar, Portugal

Realarchitektur - Jens Casper, Petra Petersson, Andrew Strickland, Berlin, Germany
Wohnhaus / Sammlung Boros, Berlin, Germany

junya.ishigarni+associates, Tokyo, Japan
Yohji Yamamoto New York Gansevoort street store, New York, USA

Special Awards "New Generation" (Architects, Interior Designers under the age of 40)
Category "Shops / Showrooms / Exhibition Stands"

ex-studio, Barcelona, Spain
Portugal Fashion Design Showroom, Cascais - Porto - Algarve - Madeira, Portugal

Category "Hotels / Spas / Catering Facilities"

Plasma Studio, London, Great Britain
Hotel Puerta America-4th Floor, Madrid, Spain

Yarışma BilgileriThe ninth contractworld.award, European architecture prize for interior design, competition has been announced for 2009, with total prize money of 60.000 Euros on offer.

Competition Entries
Entrants may submit design concepts for interiors which have been realized after 31 December 2004, and which stand out by virtue of their quality, functionality, aesthetic value and their innovative treatment of space, materials, colour and surface texture or finish. A maximum of three projects perentrant may be submitted in one or more categories.

The competition is open to architects, interior designers and design professionals. Building owners and product manufacturers may also submit entries, provided they indicate the names of the architects, interior designers and design professionals responsible for the project in question.

Submission Requirements
Each entrant may submit up to three projects in one or more categories. The following documentation must be submitted (with captions in English or German):

- A maximum of two display boards in A1 format (84 cm x 59.4 cm, landscape or portrait format) with all the plans, elevations, cross-sections, detail drawings and photographs necessary for visualizing and understanding the project.
- An explanatory report (no more than two A4 pages, in English or German). This must contain a description of the project, the underlying design thinking, the spatial concept and information about the use of materials.
- Declaration of authorship (also doubles as entry form: see appendix). Please fax copies in advance!

All documentation must be sent to the competition organizers at the entrant''s own expense. Upon receipt by Deutsche Messe these materials will become the property of Deutsche Messe; they will not be returned and must be made available without charge to the organizers (for exhibitions, documentation, Internet presentations, press photos, etc.) and the publisher (publication). Specifically, photos of the submitted projects and portrait photos of the author(s) responsible for the design must be made available free of charge for purposes of publication (contractworld.dokumentation and contractworld.magazin).

The entries will be assessed in accordance with the following criteria:
- Coherent architectural and formal language
- Innovative and coherent spatial concepts
- Quality of design and atmosphere
- Functionality and flexibility of use
- Sustainability and ergonomics
- Environmentally aware construction methods
- Innovation in the use of materials, texture, colour and surface finishes

Prizes will be awarded to a total value of 60.000 Euros.

Best of Category: 7.000
Second Prize: 4.000 Euros
Third Prize: 3.000 Euros
Special-mention Awards: 2.000 Euros

Two special awards will be presented, each to the value of 2.000 Euros. These will be awarded exclusively to "New Generation" entrants (architects under the age of 40) responsible for avant-garde projects.

The jury reserves the right to draw up a shortlist of projects considered especially worthy of mention.

All of the prize-winners will receive a trophy specially designed for the contractworld.award by the renowned designer Konstantin Grcic as well as a special certificate.

- Jutta Blocher (Blocher Blocher Partners Architecture and Interior Design, Germany)
- Prof. Klaus Kada (Architekturbüro Univ.Prof.Arch.DI Klaus Kada, Austria)
- Jan Kleihues (Kleihues + Kleihues Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, Germany)
- Wolfram Putz (GRAFT, Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, Germany, USA, China)
- Prof. Dagmar Richter (DR_D, Germany, USA)
- Francesca Ferguson (S AM Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum, Switzerland)
- Gabor Kiss (SWAROVSKI, Austria)

6 June 2008:
Registration forms must be faxed to: 0049-(0)40-7070 898 20 Please register using the declaration of authorship as your registration form
20 June 2008: Submission of entry documents to "Gesellschaft für Knowhow-Transfer in Architektur und Bauwesen mbH
Rödingsmarkt 26 20459 Hamburg - Germany" (Date as postmark)
17 - 18 July 2008: Jury meets in Hannover
17 January 2009: Presentation of awards at a special ceremony held during DOMOTEX HANNOVER 2009
17- 20 January 2009: Presentation by winners of contractworld.award 2009 at DOMOTEX 2009

Offices / Administration Buildings
Office buildings, administration buildings (e.g. for banks, insurance companies, government departments and local authorities), conference and congress centres, studios, workplaces large and small.

Hotels / Spas / Catering Facilities
Hotels, guesthouses, hostels, spas and wellness suites, restaurants, cafés, bistros, bars, clubs, lounges, casinos, canteens.

Shops / Showrooms / Exhibition Stands
Shop concepts, stores, showrooms and sales fl oors, exhibition stands, shopping centres, malls.

Conversions of buildings originally constructed for religious, cultural or public use, such as churches, monasteries/convents, railway stations and derelict industrial buildings, which have been redesigned and structurally altered to serve a new purpose.Yarışma Şartnamesi
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