Skuuma Soft Surface Design Competition 2008

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The Skuuma design competition invites the participants to show the world their concept for an original new piece of design, with the components foam (polyurethane) and special coating. From functional to funky, it’s the uniqueness of the participants'' vision that really counts in this global competition.

The aim of the competition is to design a home and office product with the material foam and a special coating.

The 5 winners will have their designs manufactured and added to the Skuuma home and office collection, which will be shown on special locations around the world. The winners will be announced at the Dutch Design Week 2008, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in the Skuuma exhibition stand. The winners will receive lifelong royalties (a specific percentage of the turnover) of their winning design.

It all starts with an idea. A design idea that has never been realized before. Maybe a design for a couch, a chair, lightning, carpet, wall isolation. It could be a handy stadium seat cushion that doubles as rain protection or a new design for a gaming seat.

Next, you need to realize your vision, by using 3D software or some other medium that accurately shows the form, texture, colour and dimensions of your product. Luxology is making its award-winning 3D software, modo, available with training materials for contest entrants.

Materials to Be Used In Design
Regardless whether it is categorised as home or office product, we don''t rule out any design as long as the reason why this design is necessary in people''s lives is clear enough.

There are some rules to the design, you’ll have to design with the components foam (polyurethane) and a special coating that by application of a technique works as a closed skin on all types of foam. Skuumaand its partners can create, for example, soft furniture that is bendable and that has virtually any texture...from a subtle pebbled texture to a tyre tread! We simply ask that the furniture serve its purpose and do so in style, be understand and functional or over the top and sumptuous. From sleek to cushy to dented, we are confident that within certain bounds almost any design can be realized into a physical product.

The possibilities and applications are indefinite. The material is gentle, strongly and very hygienic and also excellent resistant to weather conditions. Each product can be finished impermeable for water by this method. An aesthetic design aspect is that there are no stitches in the product, and that all forms, colour and textures belong to finish possibilities. The coating has been tested in a lot of different areas like fire-retardant, durability, disinfection, maintance and sound reducing.

There are no particular limitations to the actual volume or economical efficiency of the product, but Skuuma will verify the technical aspects. Make the proposed design the way you feel it should be presented by Skuuma.

For the component foam (polyurethane) you can use all exciting, new and innovative foam components and designs, you can combine with foam in the way you want. Watch the flash animations and see the possibilities of how cutting the foam. All separate foam components can be easily glued or constructed, but each seam will be more or less visual after application of the coating.

We allow you to use %10 - 20 other material or parts in your design, but we stimulate to limit this and keep the designs simple and clear. 

Competition Rules 
This Skuuma design competition is arranged by Skuuma and it’s partners. Participation is open to designers from every country in the world. Free registration and acceptance of the competition conditions is required. By registering you accept the conditions. Please observe -in particular- the conditions applicable to the intellectual property rights to the design.

Candidate from all over the world can participate in this Skuuma design competition. *Not only individuals but also groups can enter. Entry is possible regardless of age, nationality, or occupation, and regardless of whether someone is a student, as long as the candidate has the residence permit of the countries they live in. In the case of entry as a group, please specify the names of the participants and the name of the person acting as the group’s representative. Whether you are an individual or a group, you can submit a maximum of 3 works.

Please submit an entry application by entering the necessary information on the webpage. After the entry applications are submitted, we will inform you of your entry number by email. Please be sure to make note of your entry number and submission password since these will be necessary when you submit the design itself. A separate application is necessary for each entry, so people who intend to submit multiple designs should submit applications for each entry.

Application registrations are not being accepted from cell phone addresses. Please take care to insure that the contact address you enter in the application is correct. Submission of password definition and registration are to be done by the applicant himself / herself at the time the entry application is submitted. Please understand that these passwords are not issued by the administration office.

Please express yourself freely, using your chosen method: model photographs, hand-drawn sketches, computer-generated 3D images, etc., incorporating a brief written description not exceeding 200 alphanumeric characters explaining the concept, innovative aspect, application, function and interactive aspects. There should be no names or text on each submission to ensure the anonymity of the participants during the judging process. Any additional information submitted other than stipulated will not be credited into judging process.

- Participants must agree with the Terms and conditions.
- All text materials must be in English.
- All submissions that do not comply with format will be automatically disqualified from the competition.
- All materials submitted will not be returned.

The jury,  composed of experts in the field of design, relations in business, will be announced.

Designs and concepts which best meet the judging criteria mentioned will be awarded. Submissions should be the applicant’s own creation, shall not currently be in production and shall not previously have been published or exhibited

Judging Criteria and Process
- Originality of concept
- Design
- Creativity
- Cohesiveness with the theme
- Feasibility
- Innovation

First Round
This judging will put emphasis on the concept of the home & office products, its appearance and the connection between concept and product. The designs, which will be submitted in accordance with the specified submission methods, will be judged carefully by external judges and members representing Skuuma.

Ten designs will be selected. These ten successful candidates will prepare drawings and specifications in more detail. They will be asked to submit (by email) the detailed specification documents (design drawings, surface finishing information, etc.) necessary for the production of the products.

The Final Round
5 home & office designs will be decided on in the final judging round, using the design drawings and detail descriptions of the submitted designs. These winning designs will get into production and added to the Skuuma collection.

Grand Prix Winner:
8.000 Dollars, his / her design will be realized in and added to the SKUUMA collection.
Four extra Winners: Their designs will be realised and also added to the SKUUMA home and office collection.

All these 5 winners will receive royalties (a specific percentage of the turnover) of their winning design:
- Grand Prix winner receives %5
- Number 2 winner receives %4,5
- Number 3 winner receives %4
- Number 4 winner receives %3,5
- Number 5 winner receives %3

An extra prize for the use of modo: The candidate(s) with the most beautiful product(s), designed with the Luxology software modo will be extra rewarded with a nice laptop.

However, note that in cases where product development is being considered, some of the content of the submitted design may not be made public due to copyright considerations.

Competition Schedule
21 April - 23 July 2008:
Entry of application, submission of the designs
23 July - 01 August 2008: Preliminary judging
01 August - 22 August 2008: Re-design of the 5 final designs by the contestants
22 August - 28 August 2008: Final judging
28 August - 19 October 2008: Presentation of the winners
18 October - 26 October 2008: Dutch Design Week (presentation / announcement / exhibition stand)
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