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Downtown Orlando is changing. The citizens of Orlando and Orange County have approved the much needed and highly anticipated 3 Venues projects, Including the Orlando Events Center, The Citrus Bowl expansion and modernization and the Dr. P. Phillips Performing Arts Center (DPPAC).

The American Federal Building (The Round Building) occupies the southwest corner of the site of the DPPAC and is scheduled for complete demolition.

The mission of the title sponsor of Round Building Reuse : 360, Nils M. Schweizer Fellows | Central Florida Modern, is to promote awareness and seek the preservation of Florida''s mid-century modern architecture. They are a nonprofit corporation composed of design enthusiasts who have united to advance this cause.

With that CFLM understands the importance the DPPAC will have on Downtown Orlando. It is not the intent of this competition to save or restore the entire American Federal Building on its current site, or disrupt the progress of the DPPAC. It is our objective to have the competitors develop an innovative reuse of the Round Buildings precast concrete brise soleil on another site or sites.

Competition entries will provide valuable creative material to support the preservation effort of Central Florida Modern. Designs and Ideas will be used to create excitement, support, funding and a new purpose to a vestige of Central Florida’s Modern heritage.

This is an open ideas competition. Architects, intern architects, designers, artists and anyone with a creative solution are invited to submit proposals.

Entrants will be able to participate individually or in groups. There is no limit on the number of participants in a group entry. Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged. There is no limit to the amount of entries.

Competition Brief
RBR:360 asks the applicant to develop their own program and locate a site or sites to reuse the brise soleil of the iconic Round Building in Downtown Orlando. The competition is looking for innovative and diverse ideas for it’s reuse. Participants are asked to explore the reuse of a modernist artifact into the present day landscape of Central Florida.

- It is preferred that the site be in the Central Florida Area. Defined on the Location(s) tab. Applicants can choose other sites, with explanation in their narrative text.
- It is suggested that the site not be part of the site of the DPPAC or the other Orlando venues. If used on the DPPAC site the ring cannot occupy its current intact footprint.- RBR:360 has three suggested sites in the Orlando area. They can be found on the locations tab. They do not have to be the site chosen by the applicant; they are simply a jumping off point. - The brise soleil is made of 120 individual diamond stacked panels linked together as a ring with an approximately 125’ radius. All 120 panels of the brise soleil must be used.

Submission Requirements 
Entrants are required to submit the following material:

- One (1) 30” x 42” presentation, to be oriented vertically. Presentations are to be mounted on a rigid, flat board (i.e. 3/16” foam-core).  Physical models or other extraneous material will not be accepted.
- A completed registration form and payment of registration fee.
- Compact disk (CD) with competition panel in .jpg and .pdf format, and a competition statement in .doc (Word) format (maximum 250 words).

Design and accompanying material shall be sent without names or distinguishing marks of any kind in order to preserve anonymity. RBR:360 competition organizers will assign a number to each board and registration form.

Individuals are to be determined. The Jury will be composed of Design professionals, Central Florida Modern directors and several practicing architects who will select the winning entries.

The jury will select winning entries for first, second and third place positions. Each participant will receive an award of recognition and display on the RBR:360 and CFLM websites. Each will be asked to participate in the fulfillment of their winning entry. 

Eric Oskar Kleinsteuber, AIA
Michael Lindsey, LEED
Jerome Uhran, AIA

Registration Fee
The registration fee is 35 Dollars. All funds raised from entry fees will go towards the preservation effort of RBR:360 under the direction of Central Florida Modern.

Competition Schedule
04 June 2008:
Competition announcement 
11 July 2008: Acceptance of questions deadline
14 July 2008: Answers to questions posted on website
08 August 2008: Submission deadline
09 - 16 August 2008: Jury deliberation

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