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The Line of Site community now embraces talented designers of all ages and from every discipline in over 100 countries. Through new features on "Line of Site" you will now be able to engage more closely with peers around the world, sharing your views on issues that drive, inspire and motivate.

Choose the brief that inspires you by reading the downloadable document and viewing any other associate material. If you have registered on the site you are ready to produce your creation. Just ensure your submission is in the gallery before the closing dates, shown below.

Read the overview of the briefs. Each brief will go live one after another. Then you can design to the brief and submit your entry. You can enter one or all the Briefs.

Brief One
06 June - 18 July 2008
Northern Lights Observatory

Witnessing the Northern Lights is an awe-inspiring experience. The sweeping green and red displays that fill the night sky leave those who see them deeply moved. To capture this experience is the challenge set by the first Line of Site brief.

One of the best places to see the northern lights is in northern Norway. Far into the Arctic Circle, the location selected is remote and inhospitable. Here we would like you to envisage a unique observatory where visitors will be able to view the full majesty of this natural phenomenon.

Brief Two
01 - 29 August 2008
City Transportation Interchange

There is no city in the world that does not suffer from road congestion and pollution. One solution to what is a growing problem is to encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport such as the bicycle.

Many view the bicycle as incompatible with the commercial needs of a city, but with the correct infrastructure this can change. This is the driver behind our second Line of Site brief. Can you design a transportation concept that can alter the perception of sustainable transport? We are challenging you to conceptualise a City Cycle Interchange where people/commuters entering your chosen city -be it by car, rail, bus- can efficiently access a bicycle to complete their onward journey...

Brief Three
26 September - 24 October 2008
The Meeting Point
There can be no more important building serving a community than its ‘meeting point’. It is the place that defines the people that use it, where they come together to socialise, integrate, exchange ideas, discuss issues and, above all, relax in the company of others.

This third and final Line of Site brief takes us in a new direction: we want you to decide where your Meeting Point is to be constructed. We would like you to propose a new building that will lie at the heart of your community, a new building that will draw people to it, be familiar - in the way that it reflects the values of the community and the directions in which it is developing - and impart sense of belonging.

Competition Rules
- To enter the competition, you must have successfully completed the competition registration form. If you are entering more than one brief you will need to enter a separate email address.
- There is no restriction to the number of entries a competitor can submit for each brief, however each entry must have a unique email address.
- Registrations will only be confirmed with the inclusion of a valid, operating email address for the applicant.
- The competition is free to enter and open to anyone aged 18 years and over as of June 2008.
- Relevant entries must be submitted (and have been received) within the time schedule for each brief.
- All entries must be original work created by the registered competitor.
- To be judged, all submitted entries must be accompanied by registered competitors name and contact details.
- All competition entries, be they hand drawn sketches or digital images, will only be accepted if submitted in the specified formats.
- All winners will be notified by email.
- The judges'' decision, in regard to all elements of the competition, is final.

Overall Winner: 5.000 Dollars prize money, Line of Site Title and Trophy, Flight and accomodation to London
Division: Flight and accomodation to London
Winners: Apple iTouch
Blog Writing: Overall winner - Apple iTouch
Prizes: Runner-ups (x2) - Apple iPod Nano''s

Uploading The Entries 
Log on to the website and choose "upload" from the main menu, follow the on-screen instructions. You can submit your entry as a free-hand drawing or as a digital image, judging criteria does not favour one approach over the other. You can use any media you like to create your sketch we just ask to ensure you end up with one Jpeg image of around A4 (297 x 210mm landscape, 300dpi approx 4MB) size, and any hand drawn entries should be scanned to this size. You can enter hand-drawn sketches through the post if you do not have the facility to scan your image.

Postal Entries
Just remember to include your name, address, and registration email address with your sketch, preferably written on the reverse. Also any supporting text should be included with the sketch. (Line of Site Competition The Studios Mansell Road Wellington Shropshire TF1 1QQ)
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