Design for The Children - Fight for The Children Competition 2008

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Architecture for Humanity
Seattle Chapter is partnering with Fight for The Children to explore an adaptable pediatric clinic model that can respond to the specific health needs of ant community while ensuring that renewable energy and clean water will always be available.

Design for The Children is open to students and professionals, individuals or teams with no restrictions on age or team size.

Design Intent
Each year, thousands of children die in Africa of preventable and treatable diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV. New mothers often lack the care needed for their health and those of their newborn children. Design for the Children is an international design competition hoping to improve the health of mothers and children through the construction of non-profit clinics. Design for the Children is a collaboration of Fight for the Children, Architecture for Humanity: Seattle, and American Institute of Architects: Seattle. The competition challenges participants of all age and skill levels from around the globe to develop a model for a pediatric clinic that can be modified to fit different sites in East Africa.

Operation of The Clinic
Fight for the Children staff will work with local residents at the proposed site in East Africa to build the clinic based on the winning design, using local materials and building techniques. Fight for the Children staff will train and work with local doctors and nurses, who will in turn train other area residents. Once the clinic has a strong foundation, the clinic will be turned over to local staff to be run independently of Fight for the Children, but with additional support as needed. This allows the clinic to be self-sufficient, rather than dependent on a foreign organization.

Sustainability & Culturally Acceptable
The design should explore the potential of sustainable approaches. Designers are asked to find the balance between local materials and traditional construction methods with modern materials and modern building technologies. Design for The Children seeks a solution that takes advantage of sustainable systems as it allows the community to be able to maintain the clinic through resources locally available.

Over time, the health concerns will change, support will increase and the area using the clinic''s services will grow. As these changes occur, the clinic model needs to adapt and expand to meet these new demands.

Designers must register with Design For The Children at www.designforthechildren.org to enter the competition.

Team Entrants
One registered user must be identified as the Team Lead and will be the contact between designers and competition administrators. Please be certain to update all contact information throughout the competition at [email protected]

Student Entrants
Students and faculty are invited to work together and submit entries as a team or individually. Student work is juried alongside that of professionals, and jury members will not be advised of the difference.

Submission Requirements
All entries must be mailed by 15 January 2009. The submission should be original in content. All entries must be submitted without identifying marks, including logos, text, insignia, or images on the display surface that could be used to identify the submission’s authors. This does not apply to the entrant identification sheet which must be submitted in full. The entrant identification sheet must include the Team Lead’s name, group members for a group submission, contact email address, city, state, and country of submission Team Lead. The entrant identification sheet may also contain any additional information about the entrant, entrant team, or institution or organization that the entrant is affiliated with. The entrant identification card will be affixed to the back of the project entry for competition administrators to identify winning entries while maintaining anonymity with the jury and jurying process.

Mail entries to: AIA Seattle Attn: Design for the Children 1911 First Ave Seattle, WA 98101

Jury will be composed of a collection of professional architects, Fight For The Children representatives, and professionals experienced in providing health care services in the developing world.

Competition Schedule
15 August 2008:
Competition Launch Date
15 October 2008: Last Day to Register
15 November 2008: Inquiry Cutoff Date
15 January 2009: Submission Deadline
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