Roanoke Urban Effect 2008 Design Competition

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Design Goals
- Study the urban fabric of the City of Roanoke and provide design solutions that will help utilize public spaces, vacant parcels, and brownfields more efficiently.
- Identify the important nodes within the city, and propose a better way to enhance the connections between the nodes and improve the pedestrian experience.
- Integrate green/sustainable building principles to present design concepts that will improve the quality of life of the city.
- Generate a strong sense of community through design, taking into consideration the AIA’s 10 principles for livable communities.

AIA’s 10 Principles for Livable Communities
1. Design on human scale
2. Provide choices
3. Encourage mixed-use development
4. Preserve urban centers
5. Vary transportation options
6. Build vibrant public spaces
7. Create neighborhood identity
8. Protect environmental resources
9. Conserve landscapes
10. Design matters

Student Category

A student, or group of students ( up to 4 people) who are currently enrolled in full-time basis college or university

Professional Category
Any professional, or team of professionals (up to 4 people) in a design or urban planning related field where at least one individual has 5 years or less of work experience.

Competition Options
Option 1 - Buildings

Present a design solution that proposes a building development plan for one of the competition focus areas. Proposals should address building function, scale, massing, interrelationship with other buildings and open spaces, and conceptual theme.

Option 2 - Urban Design
Propose an urban design solution that connects all three focus areas along the Jefferson Street Corridor. Proposals should address street scape, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, public art, street furnishings and other methods of enhancing linkage of the three focus areas.

Option 3 - Urban Planning
Propose a land use policy or scheme that creates a pattern of development along the Jefferson Street Corridor that creates synergy and connectivity between the Market area and Riverside.

In all options, entrants are encouraged to incorporate the ideals of sustainability and pedestrian movement while addressing the issues and constraints unique to each focus area.

All entrants are required to register for the competition prior to submitting their entry using the online registration available on the website.

Only one entry per registration will be accepted. Entrants who wish to submit more than one project must register for each scheme they intend to enter.

The preferred method of payment is by credit or debit card via our secure online system. If it is necessary to submit payment by other means, only a cashier’s check, money order or international money order will be accepted. Send a copy of the printed registration form together with your payment to:

Roanoke - Urban Effect 2008 Design Competition P.O. Box 2556 Roanoke, Virginia 24010

Registration will be complete upon receipt of payment.

Registration will be confirmed by email upon receipt of payment. At that time, entrants will receive an Identification Number and access to high-resolution documents via the competition website. All payments are final. Refunds will not be offered to registered entrants who do not submit an entry.

Funds will be distributed in the professional and student categories in the amount of 10.000 Dollars at discretion of the jurors to a maximum of two finalists at each level displaying the highest level of response to the program challenges. Up to twelve honorable mentions will be awarded without compensation.

Competition Schedule
18 - 31 August 2008:
Early Registration
01 - 30 September 2008: Registration
25 August - 05 September 2008: Questions and Answers 
12 September 2008: All Q & A will be addressed
September - October 2008: Site Visits
31 October 2008, 17:00: Submission Deadline
13 - 15 November 2008: Competition Judging
15 November 2008: Awards Announcement and Final Awards Event
16 November - 07 December 2008: Exhibition

Jury Panel: To be announced

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