Sustainable European Office Construction 2010 Student Competition

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 28 Eylül 2008
Teslim Tarihi: 28 Şubat 2009
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Web Sitesi: www.cmm.pt/costc25/

In the context of the "COST Action C25 - Sustainability of Constructions: Integrated Approach to Life-time Structural Engineering", a competition among students is launched for the design of an Office Building according to the aims of Sustainable Construction.

This competition provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their green design skills in an international competition against their peers.

Design programs in universities around Europe are encouraged to participate in this competition and to consider it into their academic curriculum for interested students. 

This competition is aimed to promote the design of a Green Office Building by a life cycle approach, considering the global warming, the climate changes and the need of minimizing energy demand. 

This competition is open to students of all European countries as well as other COST countries. Applications may be submitted either by teams of 2 - 4 students. There is no limit to the number of teams that may compete from any given University / Polytechnic. All members of the team must provide proof that they were students (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate) at the time the work for the competition was conducted.

Design of an office building in Naples, via Partenope 36, in the same area of the existing Congress Center of University of Naples Federico II, according to the aim of the competition. The new building can not be taller and have not greater volume than the existing one.

This competition will focus on material concepts. The choice of materials is free.

However in sustainability energy is of major importance. Therefore the design must focus on a zero-energy concept. This means that all energy needed during the operation of the building has to be produced by renewable / passive energy resources related to the building and its site. With simplified methods the energy gain and energy demand of the building has to be calculated and has to be balanced.

The following aspects will be an asset:
- the efficient use of materials,
- the use of materials with least environmental impact,
- the use of materials with recycled content,
- minimization of the amount of waste,
- design and built for de-construction, re-use and adaptation or modification.

For these designs the energy demand of the building during its service life needs to be minimum. It will be obvious that the building needs a clever installation and a clever façade/ roof concept that will guarantee this zero-energy approach. Water use, waste water and sewage will also not be taken into consideration.

The goal will be to design the most sustainable office building showing the impacts per working space per year.
The analysis must follow a Life Cycle approach and for the lifecycle analyses is considering 50 years for the building.
Other requirements must be addressed, but simplified methods to proof the buildings qualities may be used.

Important issues:
- Architectural planning solutions
- Structural and mechanical resistance
- Light comfort
- Thermal comfort
- Sound comfort
- Fire-resistance (60 minutes)
- Energy demand and energy gain
- Economy (no excessive solutions are allowed, the maximum construction costs should not exceed the price of approx. 2.000 Euros / m2)

The design solutions must clearly demonstrate the sustainability options and choices made during the design / study.

Registration must be made on line.

Registration Deadline: 28 September 2008
Submission Deadline: 28 February 2009

All submissions must be in English and must include title and author information. Late submissions will not be reviewed. Faxed submissions are not acceptable. All submissions must be submitted electronically as a ZIPPED package of PDF files to the C25 Website Administrator ([email protected]) by the deadline.

The following deliverables are expected:
Design drawings (included in one poster format A1)
- 1:100 scale floor plans elevations and sections,
- Details showing principal connections of materials and elements important for the concept.
One dossier including:
- A Life scenario showing the intervals of the Construction, Maintenance, Changes in use, Repairs, Demolition, Material Recycling, etc. of the building as a whole and the intervals when partitioning, services and façade structures are replaced and/or maintained.
- The results of the simplified approaches, summarizing and proving the buildings qualities (fire resistance, etc.)
- The results of the Life Cycle Analysis of the building (foundations need not to be taken into consideration) showing the impacts working space, per square meter and per year of use.
- A written essay about the design, its concept, its Life Cycle impact and the conclusions of 3 pages maximum.

The winner proposals will be presented in the COST C25 Meeting in Naples on April 2009 by all the authors team. A public exhibition of all proposals will be organised in the same meeting in the Congress Center in Via Partenope.

First Prize: 1.000 Euro for the team and all the authors invited in the meeting (all the expenses, including travel and hotel costs will be paid by the COST Office),
Second Prize: 600 Euros
Third Prize: 400 Euros

The Jury, composed by the Coordinators of this competition, the Chairpersons of COST Action C25 and at least one external invited expert, will select three winner proposals.

Review Criteria
The selection criteria will be based on:
- the least environmental impact of the building,
- the architectural and functional qualities of the design,
- the best solutions for easy maintenance, repairs and replacements of materials and elements,
- the best ideas for re-use and recycling of elements, materials etc.
- the lowest possible impact per working space per year.

- Marina Fumo
- Yeşim Aktuğlu
- Zoltan Hunyadi
- Zbigniew Plewako
- Rijk Blok
- Markus Kuhnhenne

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