The 34th Annual Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 24 Ekim 2008
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Yarışma Sonuçları

Best In Show
Best In Category - Student Digital/Mixed

Brandon Shigeta (Harvard Graduate School Of Design)

Best In Category - International

Jungsoo Kim (Korea University)

Best In Category - Professional Digital/Mixed

Aleksander (Olek) Novak-Zemplinski (Biolinia)

Best In Category - Student Hand

Matthew Sander (Virginia Tech)

Best In Category - Professional Hand

Scott Tulay (Juster Pope Frazier Architects)

Juror Citation - Student Hand

Dawn Carlton (Montana State University)

Juror Citation - Student Digital/Mixed

Richie Gelles (Rice University)

Juror Citation - Professional Digital/Mixed

J. Arthur Liu (Fxfowle)

Yarışma Bilgileri

Best in Show Award, 2007 (Hernan Molina)

All entries must be of an architectural nature, and must be authored by one individual. Entries authored by individuals outside the U.S. will only be considered for the International Prize for Excellence in Architectural Delineation (click here for more details). Entries can be elevations, sections, or perspectives, and can be conceptual or final renderings; exploration and innovation in unique techniques are encouraged. While there is no limit to the number of entries one can submit, submissions awarded in past Ken Roberts competitions are not eligible. Sketchbooks as a whole will not be accepted; a single, clearly marked page within the sketchbook may be entered.

Entry Deadline: 24 October 2008, 17:00 CST

Professional Eligibility
Each entry must have been executed while submitter was a practicing architectural illustrator or principal/employee of an architecture or design firm in the United States.

Student Eligibility
This category is open to individuals currently attending high school or pursuing a degree in architecture or design in the United States.

- Christopher Genik (AIA - Principal, Daly Genik)
- Orhan Ayyüce (Architect)
- Mike Wells (Principal-in-Charge, Early Childhood Studio, t.howard + associates)

Submission Methods
Online Submission Requirements

Each online submission must be a single TIF, JPEG or GIF image that is at least 1.500 pixels x 1.000 pixels (please contact us if your piece doesn''t fit these requirements).

Physical Submissions Requirements
Each physical submission must be original artwork or high resolution print framed on rigid backing, with some sort of hanging device, accompanied by a digital copy on CD at resolution no smaller than 1.500 pixels by 1.000 pixels (please contact us if your piece doesn''t fit these requirements). Works not selected for the exhibition must be either picked up in person at the AIA Dallas Chapter office by 01 December 2009 or include a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of work. While great care is given to the handling of each piece, the KRMDC Committee and the AIA Dallas Chapter assume no financial responsibility for lost or damaged work.

Submission Process
Online Submissions

Hand and digital work can be submitted online via website.

Physical Submissions
Physical submissions can be delivered to the AIA Dallas offices with the entry form linked to the right (c/o "KRob", AIA Dallas, 1444 Oak Lawn Ave, Suite 600, Dallas, TX, 75207).

AIA Member:
20 Dollars single entry, 10 Dollars per additional entry
Non-AIA Member: 30 Dollars single entry, 20 Dollars per additional entry

AIAS Member
: 15 Dollars single entry, 5 Dollars per additional entry
Non-AIAS Member: 25 Dollars single entry, 15 Dollars per additional entry

Best of Show

The Best of Show medallion and 500 Dollars cash prize is awarded to the best student or professional entry that clearly stands out from the other submissions through a combination of superior articulation, approach, technique or media use.

The International Prize for Excellence in Architectural Delineation
First prize is 400 Dollars, can be submitted as hand delineation or hybrid media. Open to all student and professional entrants outside the U.S. All international submissions must be electronic.

The Wiley Award for Excellence in Hand Delineation
Sponsored by James E. Wiley, a medallion and 400 Dollars cash prize is awarded to the best student and professional entries that embodies and celebrates the art of architecture as a tool for communication through hand delineations, sketches and renderings. Professional submissions should be the result of commissioned projects, while student entries need not be based in reality, but must be hand drawn for consideration in this category. For U.S. entrants only.

The LAGUARDA.LOW Prize for Excellence in Digital/Hybrid Media
Sponsored by LAGUARDA.LOW, a medallion and 400 Dollars cash prize is awarded to the best student and professional entries that demonstrate excellence through an innovative use of media. Submissions may be digital, or hybrid mixed media with preference given to those that push the envelope of architectural representation. For U.S. entrants only.

Jurors Citation
100 Dollars cash is awarded by each of the jurors. These citations allow the jurors to independently select any student or professional piece that they personally wish to see recognized.

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