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Yarışma SonuçlarıJoint First Prize

Aston Martin and Foster + Partners, UK

Capoco Design Ltd, UK

Runners Up

Héctor Serrano Studio, Miñarro García and Javier Esteban (UK, Spain and Spain)

Jamie Martin, UK

Merit Awards

David Bradshaw, UK

Style to Design Ltd, UK

Concrete All Round Creative, Belgium

LA:UK Design Ltd, UK

Eric Woodcock, UK

Merit Awards

Lotti Duke, UK

Rhys Wyman, UK

Yarışma Bilgileri

This competition is open to everyone, from individuals and groups to transport specialists and professional design agencies.

Imagination Category
Unleash your imagination - come up with a new Routemaster that defies conventional thinking.

We''re not after detail in this category, we just want your ideas for either a feature or the overall look of our future bus.

If you do have technical drawing skills, or are a professional design company, you may be interested in the Design category.

 - Entries in the Imagine category may be for a whole-bus concept or concepts or ideas for individual features or parts of the bus.
 - Whole-bus concepts must include the following elements of the basic design concept for the new bus for London:
a- A red double-decker bus.
b- An open access platform entrance/exit located at the rear nearside corner of the bus.
c- At least one other entrance/exit with doors Concepts or ideas for individual features or parts of the bus are also expected to be consistent with the above elements of the basic design concept.
- All entries in the Imagine category must include at least one sketch or drawing which gives a visual impression of the concept for the new bus (or feature of the bus). For wholebus concepts, this could be an "artist’s impression" type drawing of the front and side views. In addition, entries must include a brief written explanation of the thinking behind the design or concept, describing, for example, why you think it is important, how it would work and what it would look like.
- All entries must be submitted with a completed official entry form which can be found at tfl.gov.uk/anewbusentryform.
- Entrants must state on the entry form that they are submitting their entry in the Imagine category. Submissions cannot be entered in both the Imagine category and the Design category.
- Entries must be in English.

Design Category
Take the professional route - send us your detailed designs for a double-decker bus that may influence the 21st century Routemaster.

The Design category is intended for professional design companies and people with the technical skills to give us detailed design documents. The winning entries in this category may see their designs taken forward to major bus manufacturers.

If you feel that you don''t have the skills needed to develop detailed designs, you may be interested in our Imagine category.

There are two classes within the design category:
- Whole-bus
- Element

- Entries in the Design category may be for the whole-bus ("whole-bus design") or for one or more features or parts of the bus ("element design").
- Whole-bus design entries must comply with all of the following requirements:
a- The design must be for a red double-decker bus with at least one internal staircase.
b- The design must incorporate an open access platform entrance/exit located at the rear near-side corner and at least. one other entrance/exit with double doors (similar to the side doors in the middle of a modern London doubledecker bus).
c- The bus must be operatedwith a second crew member.
d- The total passenger capacity must be at least 72, with a mix of seated and standing passengers.
e- The design must incorporate all compulsory elements in Table 1 of the Vehicle Specification Guidelines tfl.gov.uk/anewbusspecifications.
f- The design must incorporate a low floor.
g- The design must be practical and economic and capable of being put into mass production.
- Element design entries must focus on one or more of the design features required forwhole-bus entries (listed in rule 2 above).
- All entries in the Design category must include the following documents as a minimum:
a- A checklist showing how the entry is compliant with the requirements in rule 2 (for whole-bus designs) or 3 (for element designs).
b- A package of detailed design documents. For whole bus designs this must include plans, elevations, seating layouts, exterior and interior visualisations (including front and side views). These detailed drawings must also be provided for element designs to the extent they are relevant to the feature of part of the bus being designed.

Submission Requirements
You can post your submission or deliver it in person, along with your completed entry form, to:
A New Bus for London Competition
Transport for London
84 Eccleston Square
London SW1V 1PX

You can also submit your entries electronically as follows:
- Download the electronic entry form
- Complete all the sections making sure you tick which category you are entering
- Save the completed entry form to your computer
- Attach the entry form and your design file(s) to an email and send to: [email protected]

Entry Formats
You can submit your designs on paper or digital media (eg CD, DVD, memory stick, memory cards) or a combination of both. The documents must be readable using commonly available office application software (eg the Microsoft Office suite of products, common image and movie viewing software and the Adobe suite of products). Acceptable file formats include .PDF, .JPG, .GIF, .TIFF, .BMP, .DOC, .XLS, .EPS, .AVI, .MOV and .WMV. Please do not submit files in formats used by specialist computer aided design (CAD) software. A maximum file size of 20MB per file applies.

The winning design in the whole-bus class will win 25.000 Pounds. There will also be two runners-up prizes of 10.000 Pounds each.

Prizes worth up to 5.000 Pounds will be awarded to the winner or winners in the element class. 

The winning entries may be taken forward to major bus manufacturers as part of a separate competitive tendering process. 

The best features of the winning entries will be incorporated with the bus manufacturer into the prototypes and final designs of the new bus for London. Your design could be seen on some of London''s busiest streets by 2012.

Competition Schedule
19 September 2008, 12:00 (BST):
Submission Deadline
27 October 2008: Winners Announced

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