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Teslim Tarihi: 13 Kasım 2008
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Yarışma SonuçlarıFirst Prize (ex aequo)

A World Without Objects

Gijs Raggers (1973, architect)
Gijs Raggers architect
Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Laura Alvarez (1977, architect)
laura alvarez architecture
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Green-housed Culture

Marc Bringer (1972, architect) and Ilham Laraqui
Marc Bringer Architecture
Paris, France

Second Prize (ex aequo)

BK City, Not A Metaphor

de Nijl Architecten
Henk Engel (1949, architect), Erik van den Berg and Marius van der Meulen
Delft, The Netherlands

Learning and Creating

Olli Raila (1983, student), Heikki Muntola, Heikki Riitahuhta, Mikko Jakonen and Eetu Arponen
Department of Architecture, University of Oulu
Oulu, Finland

Vertical Forum

Elsbeth Ronner (1984, student) and Mick van Gemert
Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft
Delft, The Netherlands

Honourable Mentions

Ego Eco-System

Marc Koehler (1977, architect), Martijn de Geus, Miriam Tocino, Stepan Havlik, Carlos Franco, Hans Smolenaers, Bart Popiela
Consultants: Peter de Bois (TU Delft & Hogeschool van Amsterdam) and Matthijs Leendertse (TNO)
Marc Koehler Architects bna
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tom Haelvoet (1984, architect) and Eveline Hanssens
Haelvoet-Hanssens Architecten
Wondelgem, Belgium

Yarışma Bilgileri

Loss and Opportunity
On 13 May 2008, the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Delft was reduced to ashes. The Dutch architectural community was in a shock. Nevertheless, this community soon joined forces to set to work again. After all, the loss of the faculty building also offers new opportunities. That’s why the Faculty decided to organize an international open ideas competition.

The fire shook the foundations of the Dutch architectural community. Nevertheless, this community soon joined forces to set to work again. The Faculty of Architecture in Delft was already renowned the world over for its decisive, innovative and pragmatic approach. And it is precisely thanks to this characteristic attitude that the Faculty’s sorrow regarding the loss was coupled with an enthusiastic and unflagging energy to enter a new phase. Indeed, the loss of the faculty building also offers new opportunities. Opportunities to take a fresh and critical look at the education of the future, opportunities to realise a modern, innovative and refreshing design for the university building, which can hold its own in terms of power and presence with the well-known Bouwkunde building from the years of Van den Broek and Bakema. Precisely because it intends to realise this specific ambition, the Faculty of Architecture has decided to organise an open international ideas competition, in preparation of a project competition for the new faculty building in 2009.

This competition creates firstly an opportunity to stimulate research by design. After all, combining design and research makes it possible to use a design to test a conceptual vision, and consequently strike a good balance between abstraction and reality. Secondly, the ideas competition makes it possible to also encourage creativity among the important younger generation of designers. The Faculty sees it as its task to explicitly offer this group a chance to enthusiastically think along regarding the scope of the educational building of the future. Finally, the competition is aimed to stimulate scientific development in the field by means of critical reflection and debate. Sustainability, as an integral aspect of both the future educational programme and the faculty premises, forms a theme of considerable urgency in this context.

The entrants are asked to formulate, both in text and images, a vision on the two competition themes: new concepts and dynamics of city and campus. This vision should be presented in a sketch design for a new Bouwkunde on the existing site, or on a well-argued, alternative site.

The Faculty wants to use the competition to encourage architects, urban planners and students to make statements about the university building of the future, and specifically the character and position of Delft’s new faculty of architecture.

This open international ideas competition has three objectives:

- To stimulate research by design.
- To encourage creativity among the important younger generation of designers.
- To stimulate scientific development in the field by means of critical reflection and debate.

Entry is open to architects and urban planners and students following a degree programme in the area of architecture, urban planning, civil engineering or industrial design.

- Architects and urban planners declare at the time of entry that they are registered in the Dutch Architects Register or a comparable register in another country.
- Students declare at the time of entry that they are enrolled in the current academic year:

In an architectural or urban planning degree programme at a recognised educational institution, of which the degree aloows access to the Dutch Architects Register or a comparable register in another country or in a study programme to become an industrial designer or civil engineer at a recognised educational institution.

All entrants declare at the time of entry that they can provide proof of their registration in a register or enrolment at a recognised educational institution if so required by the competition organiser.

The organisers of the competition, members of the analysis teams and members of the jury (and their offices) are barred from entry in the competition.

All entrants need to register to enter the competition. At the time of their registration, entrants will be asked to create their own unique username and password. Entrants will then automatically receive a unique registration code for their entry in the competition in order to safeguard the intended anonymity of the competition. The registration code will be used to identify the entry after the evaluation of the jury. The only party to know which entrant name is tied to which entry is the manager of the website, who has signed a confidentiality agreement in this context.

If an entrant wants to submit more than one entry, he/she will have to register and submit each entry separately.

Registration closes at 06 November 2008, 12 noon Dutch local time. Any registration received later than this time will not be accepted.

The entries must be anonymous and can only be recognised by the registration code. The registration code must be included on all submitted items on the downright corner. All entries need to be submitted under a motto written in the Latin alphabet or Arabic or Roman numerals. The motto must be included on all items of the entry. At no point is the entry allowed to show the entrant’s handwriting or any other sign or logo that could indicate the origin of the design.

The digital entry is submitted using the entry format on the website, which facilitates the following entry items:

- A maximum of two A1 posters (84.1 x 59.4 cm, each vertical format in pdf file with a maximum size of 15 MB), with at least: 1 ground plan on scale 1:500, 1 exterior view (scale at entrant’s discretion), 1 location sketch (scale at entrant’s discretion).

One A4 text document (21 x 29,7 cm vertical format in MS Word or rich text file, maximum size 1 MB) with a motivation of the vision on each criterion. 

A statement identifying the design as the intellectual property of the designer.

Submission closes at 13 November 2008, 12 noon Dutch local time. Any submission received later than this time will not be accepted. 

Questions and Answers
Questions regarding the competition programme can be submitted before 24 October 2008 12 noon Dutch local time via the competition website. Answers to these questions will be provided on the website at the latest at 31 October 2008.
All questions submitted as well as the related answers will be made anonymous and will be offered for reference on the website, together with possible relevant information. From that point on, these answers and related information will be considered an appendix to the competition programme, with the same binding nature.

All contact with the organiser runs via [email protected] Entrants are not allowed to confer with the organisation outside this procedure.

- Liesbeth van der Pol (Chair, Chief Government Architect, The Netherlands)
- Mark Wigley (Architect, Dean of Columbia University''s Graduate School, USA)
- Rahul Mehrotra (Architect, Professor Department of Architecture MIT, USA)
- Yung Ho Chang (Architect, Professor and Head of Department of Architecture MIT, USA)
- Herman Hertzberger (Architect, Emeritus Professor TU Delft, The Netherlands)
- Kees Kaan (Architect, Professor, TU Delft, The Netherlands)
- Ole Bouman (Director of NAi, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
- Wytze Patijn (Architect, Dean Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft, The Netherlands)
- Leanne Reijnen (Student Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft, The Netherlands)
- Herma de Wijn (Secretary, Architect, The Netherlands)

Competition Schedule
13 September 2008:
Launch of the ideas competition  
24 October 2008: Opportunity to ask questions before
06 November 2008: Deadline for registration
13 November 2008: Deadline for submissions
Second Half of December 2008: Announcement of the nominees 
January 2009: Awards ceremony (Date to be decided)Konuyla İlgili Linkler
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