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A 23 hectare site with over a mile of south facing riverside frontage along the River Tees, immediately adjacent to the eastern edge of Stockton-on-Tees town centre. The Northshore Development Partnership Ltd (aka Urban Splash and Muse Developments) is working closely with Tees Valley Regeneration and English Partnerships to create homes, offices, shops, hotels, bars, restaurants, cafés, leisure facilities and a new extension of Durham University''s Queens Campus, all tied together with lots of lovely public space.

We''ve got the Masterplan, beautifully crafted by Ryder Architects and Grant Associates, and now we need you to bring your own little piece of magic to the plans. Make your mark. Make your own home sweet home.

What''s In The Home?
Families... Tight-knit, far-flung, nuclear, extended, single-parent, 2.4 kids, multi-generational, grown-up, rugrats, grannies, grandads, all shapes and sizes. Pretty much all of us are part of one, somehow or other. How come then, family housing has been the forgotten house type in recent decades? While city centre living has witnessed a design-led renaissance - refurbished warehouse lofts, smart characterful urban infill schemes, innovative new-build blocks, a return to high density - the family home has been left to trudge on in a series of uninspiring, standard layouts, low density mass-market mediocrity.

We''re not going to pretend it''s easy. But we believe it''s possible to do better than what''s been the norm of late.

The terrace, three-storey, a town house, semi detached, detached, a bungalow, cottages even; we just can’t decide. Our needs are simple; we want these to be award winning houses not just in the eyes of our peers but more importanatly in the eyes of the people that call them home. We want these to be houses that sit comfortably within the Northshore Masterplan but come with their own personality. Obviously.

If you want to Make me a Home you have to register with the RIBA Competitions Office who will send you a beautiful brief which will tell you more about the what''s, who''s, where''s and when''s of the competition and an official declaration form. Your entry will not be valid unless you send this form with your submission.

This is an RIBA International Architecture Competition and a notice has been placed in the European Journal (OJEU). The competition is open to registered architects or designers in collaboration with other design disciplines.

For more information contact the RIBA Competitions Office, or to register for this competition and receive an official declaration form; not forgetting the beautiful brief, send a £50.00 cheque payable to "RIBA Competitions Office" to:

RIBA Competitions Office, 6 Melbourne Street, Leeds LS2 7PS
Tel: +44 (0)113 234 1335
Fax: +44 (0)113 246 0744
Email: [email protected]

We might want to work with just one architect we might choose four. There is no "1" in Northshore.

This is an RIBA international architecture competition and a notice has been placed in the European Journal (OJEU). The competition is open to registered architects or designers in collaboration with other design disciplines.

The judges will select a shortlist of entrants. The shortlist will be invited for an interview and each will receive 2.000 Pounds+VAT honorarium. The winner or winners will win the commission to work with the Northshore Development Partnership Ltd to deliver the scheme.

Stage 1
Send us your response to the brief on two A1 lightweight boards along with a 1:50 working model of a typical house. When we say working we mean it; please don’t go spending loads, it won’t get you any extra brownie points. Proposals
should be described simply and clearly. Detailing how issues highlighted within the brief are addressed. When we say "detailing" we aren’t talking essays.

It is important that you address your approach to the Home Zone masterplan as well as the typologies. We would like to see you use one of the A1 boards to address your approach to the masterplan; a 1:500 site plan please. The other board should be used to develop your thoughts on the typologies. We need you to get across the important strategic ideas that underpin how the site could be developed, the typologies involved and how your design enhances the site and inevitability the lives of the people who will live there. Don’t forget, its not that we don’t want to know you, but at this stage it’s important for fair play that we don’t. We want your designs and not your name to sway us. Anonymity is the key.

Stage 2
Once we’ve found our finalists they will be invited to come for a chat with the judges. Now don’t be shy, this is your opportunity to shine. To get across what you can’t put into written words - your excitement, your vision, your dream. It’s just a little interview with the judges. A chance for them to understand exactly where you’re coming from. To dig deep under the skin of your ideas.

The Judges
Paul Monaghan (Chair of the judging panel)
David Adjaye (Architectural Advisor)
Amanda Baillieu (Editor, BD)
Neil Schneider (Acting Chief Executive, Stockton Borough Council)
Joe Docherty (Chief Executive Tees Valley Regeneration)
Jonathan Falkingham (Urban Splash)
Simon Gawthorpe (Urban Splash)
Dan Needham (Muse Developments)
Matt Crompton (Muse Developments)
Emma Speight (One North East)
Chris Munro (English Partnerships)
Ray Hudson (University of Durham)
NB Judges from Stockton Borough Council are acting in an advisory role and do not reflect the function of the council as a local planning authority.

The following arrangements have been established for the competition. The programme (which may be subject to
variation) is currently:

13 October 2008, 12:00: Deadline for questions 12 Noon,
17 October 2008: Reponses to questions 
01 December 2008: Submission deadline
Early January 2009: Shortlist announced 
Early January 2009: Exhibition of Shortlist & Entries
End January 2009: Shortlist interviews 
Early February 2009: Winner announced

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