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Gone are the days when being "old" equated with being in frail health, heavily dependent on medical care and financially hard up.

Today the media portray senior citizens as being in the prime of life. Elderly people enjoy a high life expectancy and are highly mobile. They are avid consumers, and have the purchasing power to back it up. Nevertheless, life in advanced years, e.g. from 70 onward, has its own special framework. The competition entitled "lebens(t)räume 2009" puts a spotlight on this framework, inviting students of design, architecture or interior design as well as young designers up until 2 years after graduation.

The organizer of the competition is Vincentz Network, who is publishing house which, with its publications and flagship trade fair "Altenpflege", disseminates professional information and insures that all the many groups involved in this growing market keep in mutual communication. At the upcoming "Altenpflege+ProPflege 2009" in Nuremberg, Germany from 24 - 26 March 2009 Vincentz publishers invites young people to take part in this competition as a way of stepping up the level of debate and inspiring the development of new living concepts.

Students in the field of design, architecture and interior design are invited to compete, along with young designers who are still relatively new at their profession after graduating within the last two years. Group projects are also eligible to compete.

Participation is free of charge.

Contestants are invited to submit their visions and solutions for buildings, rooms and products and services, developed in line with the principles of universal design and assisted living. In the category of universal design these draft projects should be designed for use by the largest number of people possible, with all their varying capabilities and qualifications. The watchword here is design for everyone, as opposed to merely "design for the elderly". In the category assisted living, the draft projects should be conceived of classical helping aids, interior designs and buildings for people with varying capabilities and qualifications.

This years competition is devoted to the topic of "life.live.work.".

How will the demographic development of the coming years and decades change working and living realms. Which ideas and solutions do you as a young designer or architect have in regards to this development? With more elderly and less young people in all jobs and working situations as well as more humans in home or hospital care new concepts, environments and products have to be found. How will the workplace of the future be set up and look like? What kinds of products and environments are necessary? How can complex problems that usually have to be solved in working situations be equally well managed by young and old? What kind of buildings, rooms and products will the health care sector need in the future?

These are just some questions in regards to the topic "working realms" of universal design and assisted living. Find more or answer these! We look forward to receiving a large quantity of exiting and trailblazing solutions in form of buildings, rooms or products.

- Universal Design
- Assisted Living

Evaluation Criteria
- Common Usability, Flexibility in use, Easy and intuitively to use, Safety, Ergonomics
- Creativity of overall concept
- Social relevance
- Depth of planning displayed in the concept and design drafts
- Innovation
- iF criteria for good design (quality of design, choice of materials, environmental friendliness, functionality, ergonomics, visualization of use, safety)

All prizewinning and exhibited concepts and projects will be highlighted by the organizer within the framework of press publicity and PR work for the relevant trade fair.

iF International Forum Design will send a press release in German and English to selected international Design Media.

All prizewinning projects will be presented in Nuremberg, Germany, from March 24.-26. 2009 at the "Lebensräume" special display during the "Altenpflege+ProPflege 2009" trade fair.

The special Lebensräume exhibition is being organized and produced for the sixth time by iF. Here, manufacturers, architects and designers can present their products, concepts and visions to a broad specialist audience at a special exhibition during the Altenpflege+ProPflege 2009 nursing, therapy and care trade fair. This special exhibition is an initiative by the Vincentz Network, Nürnberg Messe and universal design e.V. All prizewinning projects will be presented in the iF online exhibition on the iF website.

Prize Money: Several of the successful competition entries will also be selected as the recipients of prize money totaling 6.000 Euros.

Registration is online only. After studying the terms and conditions of participation, please fill out one registration form per project you wish to register.

Registration Deadline: 15 December 2008

You can register team projects as well. Any prize awarded then goes to all team members named on the form, although we will correspond solely with the person who submits the registration form.

Please mark all materials you submit with your project ID and send them to the following address:

Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG
lebens(t)räume 2009
Karlsruher Strasse 4
30880 Laatzen

Referenzfeld / Reference number: Entry ID: 178-xxxxx

The deadline for submitting your materials is 19 January 19, 2009.

Since we have a lot of international entries for which the mail sometimes need a long time to reach us, the postmark will not determine whether or not the deadline has been met.

Your materials will remain with the organizer and will not be returned.

Submission Requirements
A printed project concept consisting of a maximum of 2,000 words in German or English (MS Word, 12 point type size). Please make sure to safe a copy of your concept as Word Data on the CD-Rom.

Three to six presentation posters in A3 format (approx. 297 x 420 mm) touching on at least one of the following areas:

- Your building architecture
- Your exemplary space planning or interior design
- Your product ideas
- Your idea for a service

These presentation posters should contain a pithy presentation of your project in text and images. The core of your projects should be clear at the first glance or at least after a cursory viewing. Additional details should of course also be included.

We recommend mounting the posters on 1-2 mm thick cardboard to prevent damage during transport.

A CD-ROM in PC-compatible format with print-ready images of the submitted project (JPG or TIFF format, 300 dpi, min. size 9x13cm) with data to proof your student enrollment status - a scan of your student ID is sufficient. If you have already completed your studies, please furnish proof that this has happened within the last two years (e.g. a scan of your college diploma).

- Prof. Fritz Frenkler (f/p-design gmbh, Munich, Germany)
- Achim Nagel (Primus Immobilien AG, Cologne, Germany)
- Prof. Wolfgang Sattler (Sattler & Partner - Designbüro, Schwäbisch-Gmünd, Germany)

Competition Schedule
15 December 2008:
Registration deadline
19 January 2009: Submitting material
17 February 2009: Jury
24 March 2009: Award winners ceremony 
26 March 2009: Exhibition
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