Food for Thought International Idea Competition

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In the last 40 years the way we produce and eat our food has gone through significant changes. Not only has the production become more industrial, also our taste is more and more defined by the companies that make our food. These companies are only interested in the economics of making longerlasting and cheaper taste (on a bigger scale). The restaurants we eat at are increasily owned and operated as big corporations. Operating according to tightly managed formulae they offer exactly the same food in all their branches. Its food is meant to taste the same all year round. Are we becoming scared of a burger tasting of spring?

At the 24/7 Sandwichshop we strive to (re-)aquint people with special tastes and develop new and ever changing combinations. But how can we involve the whole food chain? Should there be chickens in the garden, a cow slaughtered in the shop? Should we produce our grain on-site? Or should we have different ''shops'' dealing with the raw materials? Should we serve different food? Sandwich pills? Algae rolls?

Wood burgers? Or should we stop serving food and start to be huntergatherer again?

We invite you to submit proposals for new ways of providing, presentingand eating food. A new recipe, a new type of restaurant, garden, farm, table, convenience store, city ........ anything is possible.

Available Prizes
- Money
- Get your winning idea published (PDF) and/or exhibited
- A magazine subscription
- I am a saint and do not care about a price

Send your idea on max. 1 A3 (mark it with an anonymous code) to [email protected] before the 15 of February 2009. Send a second document alongside with your code, name, adress
and the prize you''d like to win (A, B, C or D). Only entries in English and Dutch are accepted.

No Entry Fee, Open for All, Digital Submission

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