In The Pursuit of Housing Students and Recent Graduates Design Awards Program 2009

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The intent of this program is to promote excellence in housing design by young designers. This biennial awards program, sponsored by the Boston Society of Architects and Architectural Record, gathers and exhibits a wide range of housing designs proposed for urban, suburban and rural communities by architecture students and recent graduates. The jury selects work that addresses the
growing challenge of housing the world''s population and is particularly interested in projects that use design innovation socially progressive approaches and sustainable solutions to address housing challenges. In addition to a juried exhibit, awards may be given to projects that exhibit exceptional clarity of intention and thoughtfulness of resolution. For the purposes of this competition, ‘housing'' is defined as multi-unit dwellings or single-family dwellings that can serve as prototypes.

Undergraduate and graduate students currently in architecture school anywhere in the world and
individuals who have earned their architecture degrees within the last five years (after 2004) are
invited to enter this competition.

Architectural designs that result from an architecture school''s design studio for any built or unbuilt housing project are eligible; such projects may be actual or purely theoretical projects, individual or team projects, student design / build projects, independent study projects or thesis projects. (‘Architecture school" may include architectural design studios in pre-professional and professional, undergraduate and graduate programs.) Recent graduates may submit theoretical projects or real projects if they have served as the primary designer. Each board submitted must focus on one project only; however, any individual or team may submit more than one entry as long as each is submitted separately with the appropriate fee.

Entry Fee
The entry fee is 25 Dollars for each project submitted, payable to the Boston Society of Architects.

Submission Requirements
Each submission should be one 20" x 20" x 3/16" (50cm x 50cm x 5cm) foam-core board. Boards are to be two-dimensional (using diagrams, drawings, plans, sections, site plans, photos, narrative material, etc.) and must not be framed or otherwise encumbered with metal, wood, glass, plastic, or
similar materials. While images of models may be included on the boards, actual models are not eligible.

Boards might be damaged in transit or otherwise and the BSA is unable to accept liability for such damage. Do not include irreplaceable elements on the boards.

The text on the board should include: Project name, site, audience/client/user

One simple sentence (25 words) stating the main design agenda.

One brief statement (200-250 words) explaining the project. Consider including the initial intent of the studio or the project program, design constraints, issues raised, and any other special considerations that will help the jury understand how this particular design addresses the challenge presented. An additional brief statement (200-250 words) that summarizes lessons learned. Think of your project as research on housing design and use this text to describe the discoveries made through the process of design, the key issues the design project explores, how the solution might be applied in other situations and what further research might follow from this project. It is presumed that projects submitted may be adapted for this competition from their "original" intent. As noted, one goal of this competition is to encourage awareness that research can inform design and design can inform research. Include diagrams as appropriate.

There should be no names, logos, or other information on the boards that identify the designer(s) or your architecture school or office.

No text on the board may be smaller than 10-point type. Designers should limit text to
the word counts noted above. It is best to minimize text in favor of graphic imagery. Award-winning submissions may be photographed for projection and may be reduced for magazine reproduction.

A sealed envelope should be attached to the rear of the board (upper-left corner) containing a completed copy of the Entry Form below and a hardcopy of all the text on the board. On the outside of the envelope and on the upper-right corner of the back of the board, write only the name of the

Work by individuals on this year''s jury is not eligible.

The jury may create award tiers and categories as it deems appropriate. Cash awards of 1.000 Dollars (First Prize), 500 Dollars (Second Prize) and 250 Dollars (Third Prize) may be provided at the discretion of the jury. Award winners may be recognized in BSA publications.

- Mark Pasnik (Principal and Co-director of Pinkcomma Gallery, Assistant Professor, Wentworth Institute of Technology)
- Tiffany Lin (Principal of LinOldham Office, Assistant Professor at Northeastern, and Leers Weinzapfel)
- Hansy Better Barraza AIA, LEED AP (Principal of Studio Luz Architects, Assistant Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design)
- Mark Mulligan (Adjunct Associate Professor of Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design).

All boards submitted will be exhibited in Boston on 01 - 02 April 2009, at the Boston Society of Architects'' fifth annual Residential Design and Construction Convention and Tradeshow. Jurors will present the winning projects and discuss the selection process at a workshop session during the convention on 01 April 2009, 18:30 - 19:30.

Competition Schedule
03 March 2009:
Submission Deadline
March 2009: Award-recipients will be telephoned following the jury process. All other entrants will be notified by mail of the jury''s decisions.
01 - 02 April 2009: Exhibition of all submitted boards

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