The Art Fund Pavilion Architecture Competition

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Winner: Tina Manis AssociatesYarışma BilgileriThe Art Fund Pavilion architecture competition is a unique opportunity to design a semi-permanent pavilion to sit alongside a RIBA award-winning building by Marks Barfield Architects.

The pavilion will provide additional exhibition space for Woking''s new gallery and museum, The Lightbox.

The winning design will be built with funding by The Art Fund Prize, The UK''s largest single art prize of 100.000 Pounds and launched during the London Design Festival 2009.

This competition is open to all and will be judged by an elite international panel, including Wayne Hemingway and Kieran Long, Editor of The Architects'' Journal.

The objective of The Art Fund Pavilion architecture competition is to provide The Lightbox with a semi-permanent summer pavilion which will sit alongside their RIBA award-winning building by Marks Barfield Architects.

The pavilion will first be shown during the London Design Festival 2009 as part of Tent London and will then travel home to The Lightbox, Woking''s new gallery and museum.

Facit has agreed to support this exciting project by way of engineering, fabricating and installing the winning design. Therefore submissions must be designed to work using their manufacturing and construction techniques.

Facit is an architecture, design and construction company that has developed a new digital method of fabricating intricately designed buildings using computer controlled machines more commonly used in the manufacturing industry.

Eligibility: This competition is open to all.

1. Think big (but not too big!) - the CNC (computer controlled) machine we use takes a maximum sized sheet of 1220 mm x 2440 mm, so no single element can be bigger than this

2. Semi modular (think Lego) - Where you can, use a standard width for components of 600 mm wide by 2400 mm - this will mean the least amount of waste (save those trees!)

3. Wood is Good -The timber we use is 18 mm Structural FSC certified Graded Spruce Ply. It also comes in 24 mm thickness.

4. We use Finn Forrest I joists for long spans where needed.

5. We like curves which we make by scoring lines on one side, but only in 1 direction and radius not smaller than 900 mm (as the wood has limits)

6. Smaller rather than larger elements please! - any module that is made up of more than 2 full sheets of material gets heavy and difficult to manhandle.

7. 3D - the shortlisted will need to provide a 3D computer model. Don''t worry about having every single drawing / component worked out, we will help with that later.

8. Keep it clean - no glues please, we prefer to use screws, bolts or wooden pegs.

9. Go for it! We like the good stuff

- David Barrie, Director of the Art Fund
- Jimmy MacDonald, Director of Tent London
- Julia Barfield, Director of Marks Barfield Architects
- Kieran Long, Editor of the Architects'' Journal
- Marilyn Scott, Director of The Lightbox
- Nick Wilson & Bruce Bell, Directors of Facit
- Sarah Ichioka, Director of the Architecture Foundation
- Wayne Hemingway, Hemingway Design

Application Deadline: 03 March 2009

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